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Is Legit {May} Is It Scam or Not? >> In this article, you get to know about an online platform of different category items.

Online platforms are a great way to shop your essentials effectively as the goods will arrive at you without any hassle. But some online platforms use the internet to spread scams and gain our hard-earned money. To identify if the website is legit or not, it just takes a little bit of curiosity and alertness.

There is one website that is in the middle of suspicious, and we will uncover the truth about this website named, which based in the United States. But what is its reality will reveal in this Reviews and to know whether it is Choulioshop. Live Legit or not, so continue with us.

Is Legit? Reviews say that this website sells different category items, and the details about its whereabouts are not trustworthy. The site has not even divided into categories, which shows sloppy work, and there are no social pages of this website. The website does not show trustworthy customer reviews.

While searching for customer reviews on other sites, the people are complaining about this website, and no one is happy with the services. Some said that they didn’t even receive their orders, and those who received it had found low-quality stuff or empty boxes. In conclusion, this website is not legit, and it is possibly a scam.

What is the website?

This website sells items related to different categories, and the products have a diversity of clothing items, professional suppliers, accessories, etc. The products have high pricing, and the products are looking outstanding. The website has expensive products like gold jewelry and silver ones too. 

The website showcases essential items like bath accessories and kitchen accessories. The products seem to be of high quality, and the product descriptions are very sloppy. The clothing items are essential and seem to have premium quality, and the product images are looking good. The website is not looking overall good.

The specifications of the website:

  • Website: It sells products from different categories like clothing, accessories, kitchen suppliers, etc.
  • The company’s address is 3043 Stoneybrook Road, Orlando, FL 32801, United States.
  • The customer service is available at [email protected].
  • The contacting number is 321-577-2477.
  • The customer care representative is Paul A. Hallenbeck.
  • The delivery time of the orders is 8-16 days.
  • The orders come with a return policy of 30 days.
  • To visit the website:
  • The modes of payment are PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, and Western Union.

Is the website worth your money?

The website has products which are suitable for everyone and the products shown have excellent quality in the pictures. The description of products is not detailed, which again indicates the sloppy work of the website makers. The website does have products for everyone, but comparing the price of it is not well justified.

The website is possibly a scam, and the products are not real, so it does not matter if it will fit you perfectly. The site has no provable credentials, and most of the details are false. Hence, this website is not worth the money as it is not a trustworthy website, and you will possibly lose your money. 

Positive remarks:

  • The website has different types of products to choose from it.
  • The website has given enough details about its site.
  • The website has enough online modes of payment.
  • The website is running smoothly.

Negative remarks:

  • The information provided by the website is false.
  • The website has sloppy work.
  • The website is possibly a scam.
  • The website has no offline mode of payment.
  • The product descriptions are not well detailed.

What are people saying about the website?

The website does not show any customer reviews, but the customers have posted their reviews on other sites. The customer reviews are mostly very negative, and lots of people have scammed because of this website. The website does not have social pages, which shows it has a low trust index.

One customer said that he ordered two items, and he received two envelopes, which was supposed to be a toilet. One customer said that customer service does not reply when she wants to return the product. One customer said that this website steals your confidential information and scams you.


The answer to the question: Is Legit or not? Is that this website is not legit and possibly a scam. The website does not have good customer reviews. Hence, we do not recommend this website; the rest is up to you.

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