Is Car Dealerships Ltd Scam (August) Read The Reviews.>> In the given article, you will read about a website remarketing the repossessed vehicles from the bank.

Do you want to purchase a vehicle at an affordable deal? Are you confused about deciding on the right source to proceed and make a reliable purchase from? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you have landed on the right page.

In this unbiased article on Car Dealerships Ltd Reviews, you will get to know about a website remarketing and provide all those vehicles repossessed by the banks or other financial institutions. This website is based in the United Kingdom.

This informative article will help you make a favorable decision as in this article; you will come to know “Is Car Dealerships Ltd Scam” or not.

So, let’s move forward in our research on it.

Is Car Dealerships Ltd Scam?

In our exploration of the Car dealership Ltd website ‘s authenticity, we came across several facts. Firstly, we got to know that this website was created recently, however on the About Us page of this website, it is mentioned that they have been working for seven years.

There is no doubt that the information provided on the website is untrue, and this is questionable. Also, we couldn’t find any positive customer reviews for this site.

Accordingly, the answer to the question Is Car Dealerships Ltd Scam?

Seem to be Yes.

What are Car Dealerships Ltd?

Car Dealerships Ltd is an association committed to remarketing the automobiles repossessed from financial institutions like Credit Unions, banks and other government institutions.

They provide an online retail facility for its customers on their website Our primary emphasis is to guarantee the fair market cost of each derivative based on an accurate evaluation.

The website is available to deliver to the public a 24/7 service. All components enumerated for sale on the website possess approval for a 93-component assessment.

This website also provides you with a fast and safe payment method. They also have trained faculty to help you get at the perfect vehicle for you, ensuring your priority and budget.

The specifications of the Car Dealerships Ltd website:

  • To visit the website, click on
  • The shipping for your purchase will take a maximum of 5 days.
  • The office address for the Car Dealerships Ltd website is 93 Nursery Road,Sundrlenad SR3 1NU, United Kingdom.
  • The email address for this website is [email protected]
  • The website offers a six month or 10,000 miles warranty on the cars.
  • This website has 24*7 customer service to its customers.

The positive remarks for Car Dealerships Ltd

  • An extended warranty for the car can be purchased from the manufacturer.
  • The Car dealerships Ltd website offers a free returns policy.
  • This website promises to provide a secure shopping experience to its customers.
  • This website provides free shipping for orders based in the United Kingdom.

The negative remarks for Car Dealerships Ltd:

  • The Car Dealerships Ltd website was created only 20 days ago.
  • The website provides limited information regarding their contact details.
  • This website exhibits poor customer reviews.
  • The prices for the cars shown on the website seem too good to be true.
  • This website is not popular.
  • This website appears to be a possible source of scam.

Is the Car Dealerships Ltd website worth your money?

While finding the answer to Is Car Dealerships Ltd Scam? We came to know that this website exhibits a few customer reviews, and all of them were negative.

Also, this website provides limited contact details on it, which is a suspicious sign for sure. Accordingly, the car dealerships Ltd website is not worth your money as its legitimacy could not be confirmed.

What are people saying about it?

In our Car Dealerships Ltd Reviews, we came across only a few customer reviews for this website as this website has a new domain name.

This website was reviewed negatively by people as some of them have lost their money over this website.

Therefore, people didn’t find this website useful or trustworthy as all of its proclamations were false. Accordingly, it can be asserted that people are not optimistic about this website based on its fraud activities.


In our exploration of the Car Dealerships Ltd website, we found many suspicious and scam signs on the website. Further, negative customer reviews for it made us more precise in our facts.

This, the final answer to Is Car Dealerships Ltd Scam? is Yes, as this website exhibits scam signs and bogus information on it.

We advise you to be sure of a website’s authenticity before making any purchase from it.

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