Is Broclea Scam

Is Broclea Scam {July} Is It Legit or Another Scam? -> In this article, you get to know about an online store selling cleaners and accessories.

You might have bought cleaner and accessories a lot of time. Now check out Broclea.

Is Broclea scam? Everyone wants to make sure they are buying from a legit source only. Let me make you more aware of this website.

Nowadays, this website is getting more famous in the United States. Many reviews of this site are posted from there.

You could always try a new website to shop for cleaners and accessories. And if you are looking to try out this website, then our Broclea Reviews got your back for more information.

Is Broclea Scam?

Is Broclea Scam? Several parameters can tell us about this website. The domain age of this website is almost one day old as it was registered on July 16, 2020. And the validity of the SSL certificate of this website is up to July 16, 2021.

Looking at the dates, we are sure that this website does not have a significant market presence. And we researched social media platforms, and we were unable to find any company page of Broclea.

Let us go further in our Broclea Reviews.

What is Broclea?

Broclea is a website which sells cleaners and accessories. The products listed on this website belong to only one brand, which is quite significant in the market on a global level. The listed items are of a very deep segmentation which can fulfil cleaners and accessories demands on domestic as well as commercial level.

Due to the outbreak of this global level pandemic, there is tons of hike in sales of all sorts of cleaners, disinfectants and accessories. Many new companies are doing business with the utmost honesty and dedication towards customer satisfaction, whereas many companies are also performing scams to the people in need in smart ways.

Well, how secure do you want to keep your money? Will it be safe enough if you buy from this website?

What are the various parameters that make us think suspicious about this website? Is Broaclea Scam or Legit?

Let me take you in more depth about this website.

Specifications of Broclea

  • Website by product type- cleaners and accessories
  • Estimated delivery time- 2 to 3 days
  • Exchange policy of the company- 30 days exchange policy
  • Return policy of the company- 14 days
  • Shipping charge incurred- free of charge shipping on orders above USD 60
  • Order cancellation policy- one can cancel the orders before the delivery
  • Contact number of Broclea- + 1 330 650 3333
  • Address of Broclea- 2180 Barlow Road, Hudson, Ohio 44236
  • The email address of Broclea- [email protected]
  • Mode of payment accepted- payment accepted via Paypal

Pros of Broclea

  • The prices of the listed products are at much-discounted rates.
  • There are several combos offers available which are lucrative for customers stocking up cleaners for hard days.
  • Shipping is free above orders of USD 60.
  • You can track your shipment.
  • The listed products are of one globally popular brand which is good in quality as well as performance.

Cons of Broclea

  • The orders under which fall only under USD 500 are eligible for 30-day exchange.
  • There is a shipping charge of USD 30 for orders which cost below USD 60.
  • The listed products are of one brand only, whereas many websites are selling products of various brands.
  • This website collects such information when you use it.
  • The ones who do not use Paypal are unable to buy from this website.

What are customers saying about Broclea?

We did research, but we were unable to find any customer reviews for this website. There are star ratings on the products listed on this website. But no review notes are available for our reference.

Final Verdict

This website is new, almost one day old. All the listed products are of only one brand. The domain name does not match the communication email address provided by the website. There is a shipping charge of USD 30 on orders under USD 60, which is too much and unfair. Exchange facility is limited only to orders under USD 500, that’s not fair at all.

There is no social media page of this company or any reviews available online. All the ratings of the listed items are 5-star-rated, and no review note is available, indicating that these reviews were being forged and not real.

Looking at all these parameters, we conclude that Broclea is Scam.

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