Is Bikeker Com Scam

Is Bikeker Com Scam (July) Reviews For Better View >> This article will help you decide whether to shop at an online store that sells tempting bicycles for all ages.

Are you a bicycle lover and wish to ride bicycles on the road? Do you desire to buy bicycles but in the budget? Head over to

This online store consists of numerous bicycles with the variation in colours. Riding a bicycle can be helpful in terms of physical fitness.

Many online stores provide bicycles, but it becomes essential to be cautious while shopping due to increasing online scammers.

So, what can be the foremost step to identify the legitimacy of a website? The answer is customer feedback.

The previous reviews play a significant role in deciding the authenticity of a particular website.

Since the fraudsters are trying to scam people, especially in the United State, you must check the properties of the above-mentioned online store before deciding to shop.

Bikeker com Review will help you decide about the legitimacy of this website.

Let’s move further, and we will help you understand that Is Bikeker com Scam or legit? So, let us have a clear picture of this website.

Is Bikeker com Scam?

With the increasing fraudulency of the website, it becomes essential to check the main specifications of a particular website and then decide to shop. 

When researching this website on other search engines, it was found that this website has a deficient traffic volume and low trust score index, i.e., 1 %. These two negative checkpoint claims that this website is a scam.

Let us move ahead to get a confirmation regarding Is Bikeker com Scam or not? It will help us to confirm the above statement and make people aware of this online store.

What is

It is an online store that sells kids, women, men, girls, and boy’s bicycles (for all ages, irrespective of gender) at exclusive discounts. It has bicycles available in various colours, and also it has special offers for a limited period only. 

Apart from bicycles, this store sells bicycle-related products like a Bicycle tire, Inner Tube, etc. at cost-effective prices. It has various other bicycle-related accessories, so basically, it is a one-stop store for bicycle-related items.

It also has other bicycle-related accessories at exclusive prices. Attractive prices, attractive deals, and beautiful display pictures inevitably can trap an online user to click on the tap button immediately. But it would help if you held on for a while. 

Let us check out its specifications, pros, cons, and the customer reviews, and you will understand that Is Bikeker com Scam or legit.

Specifications of

  • Product: Bicycles for all age groups, Bicycle Accessories
  • Email Id: [email protected] 
  • Shipping Policy: 5 to 7 business days
  • Return Policy: Within 90 days
  • Refund Policy: 3-5 business days
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal

Pros of buying a product from

  • The website offers cost-effective prices for all bicycles and accessories.
  • The website has bicycles that vary in color.
  • Substantial discounts are offered.

Cons of buying a product from

  • It has a deficient traffic volume with only a 1% trust score index.
  • It has no social media icons active.
  • It has no contact address, which makes it dicey.
  • It has negative reviews from previous customers.

What are people saying about

This website is not at all trustworthy as it has negative reviews. Firstly, it has deficient traffic volume, but few innocent buyers who made a haste decision to buy from here have expressed their distress over this website. They have clearly explained their experiences regarding the website. 

One of the customers said that he ordered a speedometer and an adapter from here, but this website took the money. When he tried to mail them about the enquiring regarding the product, they said that the adapter is no longer available!

While a customer is struggling to get back his money, thus they are giving negative feedback regarding this website. They have recommended not to buy anything from here as it is a scam website.

Read the article below about Is Bikeker com Scam to head to a conclusion.

Final Verdict:

All in all, this website has all the negative checkpoints. It has low traffic volume, terrible trust score index, i.e., 1 %, Free email server, and the absence of any social media icons is a bad sign. Also, it has negative reviews against this website. 

It is not all advised to invest money over here as once the money trapped here, it will be challenging to get back the money.

Therefore, this makes this online store a scam, and also agrees with Is Bikeker com Scam.

Online buyers are not at all recommended to buy anything from this website.

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