Is Scam {Nov} Read More To Know -> Want to know about a website that shares the links of multiple apps? Read this post to find out everything you need to know about it.

Are you an avid smartphone user always looking for new mobile apps? If that is the case, then let’s explore 

Is scam? How does the site work? These are some of the questions that online users are eager to find the answer. 

In countries like the United States, many online users are always on a lookout for various sources to download applications. Here we’re sharing details about the site. 

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What is

The site appears to be an online library boasting a collection of applications. There are a wide range of apps ranging from mobile games to Apple music app listed on the site. Some of the most popular games listed are Call of Duty, Minecraft Dungeons, Pokemon Go Spoofer, etc

The site claims to let users download apps by completing certain tasks. Read on as we discuss the various aspects of this website and try to figure out the answer to the question Is scam

Specifications of

  • The site is an online library of applications. 
  • Mostly, the site lists apps of mobile and PC games. 
  • The site lists some of the most popular games like Call of Duty, Among Us, etc. 
  • The site shares a list of instructions that users need to follow for downloading a link. 

Who’s it for?

Smartphone users or gaming enthusiasts who often indulge in playing games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, etc. may be interested in the site as it shares the links to many such games and other applications. People looking for links to popular apps may check out this online library that claims to offer the links for downloading apps. 

How does it work?

The website displays a list of apps that one can download. After clicking on a particular app, a download needed page opens up that asks the user to follow the instructions mentioned on the next page. 

Upon clicking on ‘Download Needed’, you will be directed to a page that requires device verification. This page states that in order to verify the device, you need to complete 3 offers, such as playing an online game and collecting rewards. 

Customer Feedback

We found plenty of reviews and posts tagged is scam online. In general, the posts, and reviews share the site is dubious and people are complaining about the genuineness of the links shared on the site. 


The website displays many applications. The visitors interested in downloading an app can follow a series of instructions. The site may ask the user to play certain online games or perform other tasks to be able to download the link. 

The customer feedback of the site is generally negative, and we’re unsure of the question is scam. It is critical for users to do proper research before using any site for downloading apps. 

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