Is Abdserry Scam

Is Abdserry Scam {Oct 2020} – Review It Today For Help! -> The portal provides a range of indoor and outdoor items and some clothing and other extraordinarily usable products.

Are you exploring some new e-commerce websites to shop from? Are you curious to know Is Abdserry Scam or not? Read this article, and all your concerns will get a clue of answers from here.

The portal is an e-commerce website based in London, selling a variety of products. 

It does provide free standard shipping over a cap of order in all countries like in the United State etc.

But with hardly any reviews available, it becomes difficult to rely on it.

Is Abdserry Scam webspace or a legit one to shop? 

The portal does not look safe to invest because few things about it are absurd. 

Like almost no real consumer Abdserry Reviews on the internet, besides that, not much clarity in detail about shipping and return is shared. So it does appear some version of any scam site to us for now.

What is Abdserry? 

It is an online webspace for selling different products, including home indoor and outdoor items. It even provides clothing, accessories, and several other exclusive items like a telephoto monocular telescope, etc

The pricing and the quality in the displayed pictures also look fairly well to invest. But the portal lacks complete credibility and appears newly crafted.

Not much appears done about sectioning the displayed products to was their search. Although all items displayed appears lucrative and even in demand in countries like the United State.

But with hardly any Abdserry Reviews found, it merely lacks in reliability or experience exposure.

Specifications about Abdserry:

  • Type of Website: It is an online e-commerce portal created for selling home indoor and outdoor items, clothing, and other items.
  • URL:
  • Address: Marul Company Limited Hamilton House, Mabledon Palace, London, England, WC1H9BB.
  • Phone: Not shared. 
  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Shipping cost: It offers different shipping at different charges, although free standard shipping is applicable over $ 40 orders and for orders less than that $ 5 postage is applicable. For fast shipping, $ 12 postage is charged in order to receive products from 1 to 3 weeks. An international expedited shipping charge of $ 15 is applicable if opted.
  • Payment mode: It accepts online payments via PayPal wallet and other cards.
  • Refund and Return: It offers a 45 days return policy.

Pros of shopping from Abdserry:

  • The website offers a wide range of products.
  • It has standard free shipping over $ 40 orders.
  • It accepts returns within 45 days of delivery.

Cons of shopping from Abdserry:

  • The website does not appears to be well structured or designed and looks like any random e-commerce website.
  • It has a broad category to offer without a proper display or search engine.
  • It does not look like a secured site.
  • It hardly has any reviews, and that even lowers its credibility.
  • It has no cosmical media presence anywhere for its product sales or promotion.

What are the customer opinions about Abdserry? 

There are hardly any reviews available hence, the question Is Abdserry scam remains a question in itself. 

Although there are few portals who tried reviewing the website and drafting some reviews, they do not appear to be any real experiences of the consumers. 

Maybe because the portal appears newly created a few months back in 2020, either the website infact, does not look reliable to anyone or so. Reasons could be any for the lack of reviews, but the fact remains that there isn’t much in terms of reviews to rely upon as of now. 

Final verdict

The portal appears to be like any other usual e-commerce website created to earn profits. It even does not appear to be a real genuine site because much clarity over its policies is not available.

Although it has return and free shipping policies, it still requires clarity to which countries it considers for international shipping. 

The website appears to be based in London and has shared the official address but has also stated that it is not applicable for returns. So for returns, no sound clarity of the process is available.

So we suggest refraining from such sites although its products might appear lucrative investing in it seems risky.

Until someone has any first-hand experience of this website or if someone tried to reach the site for any concerns on its email, nothing more can be clarified about its authenticity.

Do share your reviews and experiences below. Thanks for reading the article.

0 thoughts on “Is Abdserry Scam {Oct 2020} – Review It Today For Help!”
  1. Once an item is ordered, they send a confirmation, but no updates on shipping or tracking. They bill your account immediately, which here in the U.S., I know is not permissible. My account should not be charged until the item ships. Attempts to contact them go unanswered. So….sent them a note to cancel the order. Purchased through PayPal and asked they refund my account.

  2. HI,
    I ordering from you telescope , Order NO: 200803193132914 on 2020, 3 AUGUST and still have not any detail for shipping . It’s will be in same day ?

    1. I received the telescope and they sent me some cheap crap and now wont refund. I can hardly see further than my bloody garden border let alone the moon…!!!!! Its a bloody scam people so hope you will read this and take me seriously. The telescope they sent me is £12 on ebay including delivery. In 2 simple words “ STAY AWAY” keep your money safe and spend with someone trust worthy. Thanks


  4. I ordered s multi function 4k 10x 300 x40 super telephoto zoom monocular as shown in their advert.
    I received a bog standard 40×60 monocular.
    I have contacted the company twice and other than offering a 20% refund are not prepared to do anything.
    As far as I can see this company is a fraudulently trading company with no moral ethics whatsoever.
    I would advise people not to trade with them.

  5. My comments are the same as above although I got to the 30% refund, the product which they say to better than the one advertised is a slight upgrade to a childs toy, its a joke, I also feel I have had my money stolen & facebook shouldnt be letting them advertise goods they do not send out, everyone who is thinking about ordering should save their money & their time, normal eyesite is better than the rubbish they sent out.

  6. Hi my name is Mike, I also was deceived by this company, abdserry. I order that lens/telescope that mounts on a smartphone, it looked quite impressive at 35.98. Still waiting, I guess it goes on with that saying(Check is in the mail and I won’t bleep in your mouth)Thank abdserry for being deceitful.

  7. I too fell into this trap and received a cheap toy monocular. This thing is a piece of worthless junk. They even advertise it s having night vision, just hilarious ! I do not see how they can get away with all these bogus orders. Surely something can be done to stop them. Then again they may have people working for Paypal so they can get away with this .

  8. Well after a month of waiting the scope finally arrived yesterday. It went straight into the garbage can. What a piece of crap. I knew that for 40 bucks it would not be much but what was sent was total junk. DO NOT WAIST YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I also ordered the the telescope and received a load of cheap junk, and they tell me I need to send it back at my expense- which is a scam
    Have set up dispute with PayPal for full refund

  10. Like M. Thorn above, I was sent an inferior telescope that can be purchased for a quarter of the price elsewhere.
    Despite all the guarantees of a refund they have offered 30% and will not answer direct questions.
    A fraudulent company – AVOID BUYING FROM THEM

  11. Like everyone else I ordered the zoom telescope, and got a piece of junk monocular. They told me I could Receive a 15% refund. I told them they could shove there refund.

  12. I ordered a monocular. It arrived and does not have the zoom capability it claimed. On sending an email requesting return and refund info I have been met with no information to enable this to occur. The website clearly states you can return for full refund with no questions asked, if within the set timeframe.
    Initially got offered 5% refund and I could keep the product – which I don’t want!. After 12 emails, the offer is up to 20% refund but with no commentary on why they are not meeting their own refund policy.
    I would rather seek legal action than let them away with this.
    Inferior products, no compliance.
    Dont go there. Wish I hadnt!!!!!

  13. Bought the telescope. Was send an Chinese product that did not match the description and images depicted on the order confirmation.
    They are responding to email, but it seems like a conversation where they started with offering 10% discount, and now have offered 40% discount.
    I do not want discount on a product that I have not ordered !
    This is definitely a scam, do not buy at this shop !

    The are fooling innocent people. They advertise something else and send a plastic toy. They copy the images from the original company and use it on the facebook and other media places including their website.

    Sep 21, 2020, 15:43 PDT

    I have already informed Paypal and raised the dispute with Paypal and also informed my bank as well. If I do not receive a full payment or the replacement of the product as advertised, It will be escalated and may launched a lawsuit against the company. Also be warned that I have already contacted the original company whose website pictures you have stolen as they have the copyrights as well and soon will be contacting you. It is ashamed that for a little money Abdserry is intentionally doing this.

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