Irene Stylist Issue (Oct) Know Behind The Scene! >> This article will cover the incident recently happened between the Irene and a stylist.

Want to know who is Irene, and what is the Irene stylist issue was?We have got you this trending spicy controversy about the Irene Stylist Issue in this news.

Irene is a South Korean singer and actress; her real name is Bae Joo-Hyun. She is a significant member and a leader of the girl group called Red Velvet. She has also ranked as the sixth most loved celebrity in South Korea.  After this brief introduction about Irene, let us now tell you what has happened between Irene and her stylist. 

Before proceeding to the issue, let us first throw lights on Irene and why her controversy is spreading like fire all over the United States, Indonesia.  

What is the Irene stylist issue? 

The October 2nd has seen a flood of tweets about the word Irene. A fashion stylist has posted to Instagram and said that a celebrity was too harsh on her and said some nasty words to her that made her cry. Although the stylist didn’t mention the celebrity’s name and after this Instagram post, Irene issued a public apology. The world came to know that the celebrity was Irene. This apology from Irene made it clear that she is a human first. 

Irene Stylist Issue is popularly known across the worldwide and has appreciated across the world for her performances.

So, this controversy has ended here after her apology, and the stylist also accepted the apology. 

What did the stylist say?

The stylist claimed that in a strange room, she felt humiliated for almost 20 minutes. The stylist added that she recorded the whole incident for future security and proof and was also ready to have a word with the celebrity person to person. 

After so many speculations and accusations on the celebrity Irene, she posted an apology on her Instagram for her rude and intolerant behavior. The Red velvet’s company has posted a statement regarding this Irene Stylist Issue. Stay connected to this news if you want to know the exact reason behind this controversy. Also, know all the whole scenario’s ins and outs at the end of the story. 


Although this controversy wasn’t that big and instantly ended after an apology post from Irene, the fans and other users have said that Irene didn’t have to apologize as this wasn’t a that significant incident. 

Irene Stylist Issue is now everything that has gone neutral, and Irene is ready for her future performances. Apart from this, many stylists who have previously worked with Irene came in support of her and defended the celebrity that she is quite cool to work with. 

After all this drama, the management of Red Velvet also came openly to the online platform and concluded everything related to this incident in their precise statement. Irene’s apology had many words that indicate that she is posting a heartfelt apology, and it seems too genuine.

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