Ios 14.1 Review (October 2020) A New Launch By Apple! >> In this article, we will discuss the new updates added to the Ios 14.1 version.

Are you curious to know the new features added with the Apple Ios 14.1 version’s recent launch? Let’s look into the reviews. Look at the Ios 14.1 Review how this new version stands out from the earlier Ios versions. Apple’s operating systems are well known for their security and smart response technology. The launch has created much excitement among customers all over the United States, Canada, and India

Apple users are familiar with the fact that the brand’s operating system is unbeatable in all terms, and every new version comes up with more unexpected features to make your life even more comfortable. 

About Apple Ios 14.1

Launched on September 16th, 2020, Ios 14.1 is available for both new and old users. 

The 14.1 version options to change home screen design, a massive improvement on Siri assistance, widget support on the home screen, intelligently coordinate app folders by Apple advanced artificial intelligence. 

The Picture-in-picture mode allows users to do facetime and operate other apps at the same time. You can pin some messages pinned as necessary for easy access. The advanced Apple Library will provide you easy and slick app access. 

The app clip features added in this new version allows users to use specific parts of a particular app without even downloading the entire app. Since the release, users have shared their overwhelming Ios 14.1 Review.

Features in Apple Ios 14.1:

  • Advanced and customizable widget gallery
  • Ability to pin important messages in apps. 
  • Advancement is Siri interaction. 
  • Health Apps for sleep tracking, pulse rate, and heartbeat 
  • Advanced and accurate weather app 
  • Maps can provide you with charging spots as per your vehicles if you own a rechargeable vehicle. 
  • Options for digital car keys 
  • Advanced security specifications 

What do customers have to say about Ios 14.1 version? 

The new version launch has received an extremely positive Ios 14.1 Review from the users. The customers have like the unique smart widget technology.

The enhancement done in apps and maps library has helped them to travel a less busy route and find the charging location if they have a battery-operated vehicle as per their charging slot.

 The small advice users have suggested that much more advancement seems to be possible in Siri assistance and app clips.

Final Verdict: 

As per the Ios 14.1 Reviewthe new updates have made the lives of Apple users easier. The advance measures taken in this version are extreme and will keep your data secure even when associating with third-party applications.

The advance widget updates and intelligent app separation in folders will blow your mind. The update to Ios 14.1 is relatively easy. The new and the existing Apple Ios users are eligible to upgrade their current operating system versions to Ios 14.1. 

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