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Instafeet Reviews {Nov 2020} Is it Legit Or Scam? >> Are you looking to earn money by selling your feet views then, read this article?

Are you all aware of the fact that many websites sell pictures. These websites are a mediator website between the buyer and the seller. There are many different kinds of sites available in the United States

Today in this article, we will talk about one such website where you can sell your feet pictures. Yes, the site does not accept any other kind of photographs, and with this, only the website earns the right amount of money.

This article is on a website that is Instafeet Reviews. In this article, you will know how these websites work and how they earn money. We will also tell if this website is safe or not. So keep reading the article.

This kind of website works because of the buyers of such pictures who have different fetishes for different body parts. Many people in the United Kingdom are buyers of this website. 

How does Instafeet work?

Instafeet is a website where people sell their feet pictures for some amount, and then the sites sell it to the people at higher prices

Who are the buyers?

The buyers are the people who love feet pictures. There are many different kind of fetishes, and a study says that 50% of the people have feet fetish and ankles and toes turn them on. So, such people pay a very high amount based on Instafeet Reviews to buy pictures of feet.

About the Instafeet website:

This website is private, and anyone cannot become its member. You need the approval of the admin before becoming the member. Also, the admins continuously keep a watch on the profile of the members and keep reviewing them.

The icons on the website are not accessible, like the rules and regulations icon and the FAQ section. Thus we do not get much information on the site. The website has more than 6000 subscribers, and there are about 6000 creators. 

The website is present on many social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The reviews say that the rank of this United Kingdom website on Alexa is high and thus. 

How to become a member?

To become the member of the Instafeet, you need to signup on the website by providing your name, location, username, and e-mail address. Once you signup, you get your Login id, and then you can access all the features of the Instafeet.

What do people want to say about Instafeet? 

When the team of Instafeet Reviews researched, we realized that there are not many reviews about Instafeet. Still, there are many questions like Is this website safe or not, so some of the revisions on the Quora says that this website is secure and people are also earning the right amount of money. 

There is very little traffic on Instafeet as many people don’t know about it. But, the website is excellent and can earn money by selling your feet pictures on it.  

Thus, you can use this website to buy and sell feet pictures.

Final verdict:

The website is in its initial stage; thus, many people do not know about it, but now it is becoming famous, and people from the United States are also earning money out of it. Also, this website is safe and secured. 

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