I Wish I Were heather .com 2020.

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What is heather? Is it a person or a place or just imagination? Let’s find out.

The moment we hear the word heather, the first thing that comes to our mind is this lovely song called heather by Connan Gray. 

And today, we will be talking about this website known as I Wish I Were heather.com; the song inspires this website. But the lyrics and the website name says otherwise.

The website is gaining teenagers’ attention in the United States, making us wonder what the website does.

So let’s know more about it.

About the website

The website is a single page, and the aesthetics are effortless, having no designs or graphics on it. And shockingly, the website was launched just merely two days back, which is on 2nd December 2020.

So what does the website do?

The website page, i.e., I Wish I Were heather.com, gives you a quote on your name or wording that will cheer you up with an association with the word heather. 

Let us describe by an example, suppose your name is Nishita, and you enter with your name a quote like “Nishita loves a good cry. Heather is there with tissues.”

This website generates wordings like these as per your name, which sounds fascinating to the user. The user can use these quotes to his means. There is the tweet about the website, by the Canon Gary who has mentioned about the website to the followers.

How do I Wish I Were heather.com works? 

The website is straightforward to operate, and any user, once browsed, will understand how to go about with the website. Let us have a detailed look at how the website works.

Firstly the user needs to browse the website with a proper internet connection; once open, the first thing that will appear is a black space where the user will have to type his/her name.

Secondly, after typing the name, press enters, and an automated quote will be generated with your name and a reference to heather.

As simple as it sounds but is the website safe to use? Let’s find out.

Is I Wish I Were heather.com safe?

The website is just two days old and very new; the smart observation is that any website below six months of age is not trustable.

But the website was mentioned in a tweet, by the famous artist, whose song “Heather” is trending and became popular. So, one can rely and create beautiful messages with the website.


The word heather is commonly meant a short flower found in the northeast, but besides that, heather means something beautiful, and we all are heathers in somebody’s life.

We can conclude I Wish I Were heather.com as a wording generator website that is tweet by the famous artist Canon Gary.

Please comment on your views on this website and also mention what heather means to you.

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