Huawei Titan Robot (Jan 2021) Walk & Talk! >> Do you want to enjoy with a robot that can walk, talk and sing? Then, check out the post below.

Are you a fan of robots, or do you also get fascinated by Artificial intelligence (AI)?Do read this piece, we will share a bit of fantastic news about a robot.

Artificial intelligence is making progress day by day and finding new technology daily. Huawei Titan Robot is for you. Further in this article, we are reviewing a very famous robot over the internet that you might know, and if you don’t, then read this post and get to know about it. Also, you will learn many facts related to this Robot. This Titan robot has a huge fan base in the United States and other parts of the world.

What is Huawei titan robot?

Huawei Titan Robotis a fantastic example of artificial intelligence, and also it is very famous over the internetThe Robot is mainly known for entertaining people, and it also has performed in many big shows and events held worldwide like Olympics and many other gadgets shows. It has also appeared at the Huawei event. The main feature of this Titan robot is its gigantic body and its features. It can walk and talk through AI and dance, sing, crack jokes, communicate with a particular person, etc. Further on this Huawei Titan Robot, we will take a closure look to its different features.

The First Appearance of Robot

This Robot first appeared in the Glastonbury festival in 2004 after which it became quite popular around the globe. You should also know that this Robot has designed by a British company named Cyberstein Robots. 

Features of Titan Robot

The Robot acts as the best entertainment partner for people, and you can feel the same by going through the features as enlisted below. People call it a transformer because of how it looks its height is 8 feet and weights over 60 kg that increases hoti 350 kg because of the on-board equipment. Its face resembles a skull which is one of the factors why it has compared to transformers. 

Huawei Titan Robot is not self-driven it can be controlled by remote, and an operator controls the upper part of the body through its operator panel located on its chest. Robot is not completely auto programmed, but it can perform an action and manage interaction by itself. 

Final Verdict 

We have already mentioned that this Robot weights 60 kg and it can be up to a 350kg Robot (which includes the cart on which it rides). Huawei Titan Robot entered the Chinese market in 2018, and the Tuxuan Robotics operates it. 

Apart from all these, if you want any further information regarding this Robot, you can visit the Robot’s official website where you can check the Robot’s availability for your events. The Robot can be hired in this covid-19 situation also as it follows all the pandemic guidelines and adheres to the government guidelines strictly.Comment in the comment section so that people can know more about Huawei Titan Robot

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