How to Sleep 8 Hours in 3 HoursŌ Meme (Jan) Funny Meme -> Get to know about a viral meme that is being shared on multiple social media platforms.

Do you often check out memes online? The How to Sleep 8 Hours in 3 Hours Meme is going viral online worldwide. People on various social media networking sites are sharing this hilarious meme. 

If you’re curious to find out what this meme is all about, then continue reading. In today’s post, we share important details about this popular meme. 

About memes

A meme is either an image or a video that showcases a hilarious text. In recent times, memes are ubiquitous. You can find memes on all the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. 

Memes become viral after multiple people share them. The How to Sleep 8 Hours in 3 Hours Meme is one such example that shows funny texts and images.

What is this meme all about? 

The meme originated as a joke about people searching for questions like how to get an eight hours sleep in just three hours on search engines like Google. 

In the meme, you can see the question on top and then an image of a man being chased by a cop. The man in the meme represents the person who searches such questions, while the cop is the depiction of the search engine’s reaction to such silly questions. 

Things to know about it: 

  • The How to Sleep 8 Hours in 3 Hours Meme is being shared on various platforms. 
  • You can find this meme on search engines and social media networking sites. 
  • The question is a joke that depicts how people ask silly questions online.
  • Different images are showcased for the same meme. 
  • A few memes show a cop chasing a man, while in other memes, you can see a cat’s reaction with a funny line. 

Where can you find ‘How to Sleep 8 Hours in 3 Hours Meme’ online? 

Worldwide, people are sharing this meme. If you search for this meme on Google, you will multiple search results. Even on popular forums like Reddit and social media site such as Facebook, users are creating their own version of the meme and sharing with their contacts. 

Who should check out this meme? 

If you’re a meme lover who enjoys checking out the latest meme for a good laugh, then you can search for this meme. The pictures and phrases used for this meme and humorous. 


The How to Sleep 8 Hours in 3 Hours Meme is the talk of the town among meme lovers all around the globe. This meme includes hilarious images and texts that depict the silliness of the question. 

People are posting this hilarious meme on their timeline on various social media networking websites and apps. It shows how people search for silly questions on search engines. Let us know what your opinions about today’s post in the comment section are. 

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