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Finensly Clothing Review  [Oct 2020] Legit or a Fake Scam? -> The website is a place for all sorts of dresses, tops, bottom, shoes, and accessories.

Are you fond of collecting new dresses for yourself from new portals? Are you keeping an open eye about Finensly Clothing Review? Well, then please read the entire article and know the most about this website.

The website appears to be newly created on13Aug2020, comprising winter, autumn, spring dresses, tops, bottoms, accessories, shoes, etc.

The portal has a very distinctive fashionable collection which is displayed in different easy to access categories.

The website appears to be shipping worldwide, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, etc. 

What is Finensly Clothing? 

The portal is mainly crafted for the women, and catering to their needs, everything from dress, bottoms, tops, shoes, and accessories is made available at decent pricing.

The displayed quality of the products looks reasonably good as per the stated cost.

The portal does not offer any different shipping charges for countries like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, etc

Instead, it provides standard shipping at $ 10.99 for all orders under the cost of $ 99 and free ships to orders above that.

But the main thing which bothers about this website is the lack of Finensly Clothing Review

Even though the collection is good, but it still lacks reliability, especially after not revealing its ownership and base location.

Specifications in-depth about Finensly Clothing:

  • Type of site: A face mask to prevent viral infections from spreading.
  • URL:
  • Email: [email protected] (9 PT-18PT Mon to Fri)
  • Address and phone: Not shared
  • Shipping: It charges standard shipping of $ 10.99 under orders of $99 and above that provide free shipping.
  • Payment: It accepts online payments through cards Visa, Mastercard, and even wallets like Paypal.
  • Returns: It accepts returns within 30 days and in 40 days for Brazil and Russia.

Pros of shopping at Finensly Clothing website:

  • The website is well designed and structured with sections of products, making it easy to find.
  • It accepts returns within 30-40 days of the products as per the location of the product delivery.
  • The portal offers a wide range of collections, and pictures also appear to be of good quality.
  • It provides free shipping over $99 orders.

Cons of shopping at Finensly Clothing website:

  • The appears to be recently created in August 2020 and hence lacks reliability.
  • It hardly has any reviews online, so the quality assurance of the products cannot be confirmed.
  • It lacks any social media presence.

Is Finensly Clothing a Legit portal or not? 

This portal is a newly created one that has no real reviews for the consumers, although it displays a real good collection.

The website looks well designed and secured, but assurance about its products cannot be claimed until tried.

It further becomes a real hard thing to claim as a legit site for now with no social media presence. Until some honest reviews appear, any claim might not be right, but currently, it looks suspicious to us with no ownership and firm contact details.

What are the customers saying about this Finensly Clothing website? 

There is hardly any Finensly Clothing Review available on the internet. So it is difficult to predict what shoppers might be thinking about it.

So the portal is lacking on the trust part bing a new one and appears untried on as well. It claims to ship globally, but it’s been more than a month the website is launched, and still, there are no consumer revise available. 

Hence, besides having a good collection display of dresses and accessories. Some suspicious things like no revelation about the owner and where is it based, etc., might be making it unreliable to try for buyers.

Final verdict

With the growing competition among the sites and more e-commerce portals being created every month. This one also looks like one of those, although much clarity about its purpose cannot be retraced as of now.

Finensly Clothing Review are not existent on the internet and hence makes it unreliable. But maybe if the company updates where it is based or provides accurate contact details or shows social media presence. Then there might be chances that it might gain reliability to some extent to enable people to try it out at least.

However, for now, this portal appears risky to invest in shopping. With such a standard delivery charge, even small orders are too dangerous. 

So we do not suggest your reader invest in any portal that looks suspicious like this one. 

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