Family Guy Among Us (Dec 2020) An Inter-relation! >> Did you know how Family Guy had predicted Among Us? Read to know.  

Did you hear about Family Guy Among Us? Did you know that the famous United States-based show had already depicted what Among Us game now is? It is strange how such shows directly relate to or predict various things from the future. The Simpsons somewhat predicted the pandemic as in one of their episodes, and a Japanese factory worker accidentally spreads a contagious virus. They also predicted how 20th Century Fox became a division of Disney.The show Family Guy was somewhat loosely related to the suicide of Robin Williams and the car crash of Paul Walker.In this article, we will tell you how Family Guy predicted the game of Among Us.

A link between Family Guy and Among Us

Family Guy in Family Guy Among Us is an American animated sitcom TV show originally streamed on Fox channel. The show has 19 seasons with 358 episodes in total. The very first episode was premiered on 31 January 1999. The show has centred around Griffin’s family which has two parents, three children and an anthropomorphic pet dog. The family lives in a fictional city called Quahog on Rhode Island.The show has also been converted to a movie, a book, a comic book, and some video games. The Cleveland Show serves a spin-off to this show. 

And now Among Us, in Family Guy Among Us, is a United States-based game that can be accessed on Android, iOS, Windows, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. The game has set in an outer spaceship with various compartments.There are only two roles in the whole game: imposter and crewmate. The game has both multiplayer and single-player mode. The number of imposters has predetermined in the game. 

The gameplay is very different and exciting. The crewmates complete the given tasks and look out for the imposters who intend to slay the crewmates while faking a crewmate’s identity. The crewmates are found dead, and the meeting is held between the leftover players to discuss the imposters.

What does Family Guy Among Us mean?

The episode 1 of season 9 of the Family Guy show, titled ‘And Then There Were Fewer’, had somewhat predicted the gameplay of the famous present-day game Among Us.In the episode, most of the residents of Quahog have invited to an anonymous dinner party in a cliffside mansion. All the invitees reach the venue and found out that the party was organised by James Woods as he became a born-again Christian. 

Strangely, while sitting on the dinner table, a member of the party is shot with a gun. Soon, one by one many members at the party get slain by knives, and the ones left, team up to find out the killer just as the crewmates find the imposter in Among Us.The crazy fans of the show and the game spread this news. You can watch the full episode to know better.


It is bizarre how many of the shows of early 2000s have had predicted many events of the future. Family Guy Among Us is also similar.The show somehow unknowingly predicts the gameplay of the famous game Among Us. 

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