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Easy Digest Supplement Reviews [Dec] Is This Legit site -> Find out the digestive tablets that claim to solve stomach related problems.

The importance of digestive supplements cannot be avoided, as these tablets treat a host of health problems. Although these supplements are used for digestive purposes that potentially stimulate the immune system, improve the health of the liver, reduces inflammation, and support the fight against cancer, and much more. In this Easy Digest Supplement Review, we will talk about the importance, its benefits, and what makes it better than other products in the market.

People across the United-Kingdom are troubled because of an upset stomach and look for ways to get rid of this health issue. As per reports, 4 out of 10 people face problems related to the stomach. Easy Digest Dr. Perez is making to reduce the chances of several health problems concerning the stomach. A lot of products available in the market claim to be the best. 

However, choosing the best amongst them has never been easy. At the request of our readers, we are writing this review to help you choose the best from the lot.

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What is Dr. Raphael Perez Easy Digest?

It is a health supplement that claims to provide the heaviness of the stomach. These tablets are made from artichoke, caraway, and fennel that help to aid digestion. Indigestion is one of the most common yet dangerous problems people in United-Kingdom are facing. These supplements promise to fix stomach issues such as bloating, flatulence, heartburn, and gut health.

Individuals looking for better effects and results need to take one tablet after the major meals in case they are feeling heaviness in the stomach. If the problem is not yet solved, they can double the dosage but need to make sure it does not exceed six tablets a day. It is always better to check authenticity, especially in case of health supplements. In this Easy Digest Supplement Review, let us discuss the essential elements that help you decide whether it is healthy for you for not.

Specifications of Easy Digest:

  • Product Name: Easy Digest Dr. Perez
  • Product Type: Health Supplement
  • Product Quantity: Eighteen Tablets
  • Ingredients: Artichoke, Caraway, peppermint, fennel, rosemary, lemon balm, angelica, etc.
  • Dosage: one tablet after major meals
  • Packaging: one box of eighteen tablets
  • Precaution: Keep out of reach of children
  • Vegetarians: Yes
  • Price: 6.59 €

Pros of Dr. Raphael Perez Easy Digest:

  • Supports health digestion
  • Pure Vegetarian
  • Reduces inflammation, and stomach heaviness

Cons of Easy Digest:

  • Relatively new item
  • Similar products available in the market

Is Easy Digest Genuine?

The product is relatively new in the market; hence there are not many Easy Digest Supplement Reviews available on the website and other channels. It claims to serve people with a heavy stomach and the ones suffering from inflammation. The United-Kingdom based product is made from a hundred percent natural substances, making it suitable for all. However, it needs to be kept away from the reach of children, so that does not harm them. Besides, it keeps you free from the gas problem and brings out the missing energy. 

Though there is nothing wrong with the products and its specification. Sill, we do not have much-supporting information that meets the claims it makes. However, we do not recommend you to buy it. Instead, there are several products in the market, which have better reviews, and even the pricing is the same. You can opt for them.

Customer Experience 

It is one the latest entrant in the health supplement industry. As a result, enough Easy to Digest reviews are not available on the website. To find more information about the customer experience, we went on searching on different channels, but we could not locate any information supporting or opposing its claim. The Easy Digest Dr. Perez has not able to bring enough get a response from the people yet, even though it seems genuine. 

Due to the lack of supportive information, people are staying away and are not recommending it to their friends and relatives. However, they are appreciating the fact that the manufacturer is keeping it a hundred percent vegetarian.


Although Dr. Raphael Perez Easy digest has some health benefits, it has not become popular amongst the people of United-Kingdom. It has all the required features to make it genuine, but we should not ignore the fact that the lesser number of users leads to fewer reviews, which has made it difficult for the product to get the desired success. In case any of you has used the product, do share your experience with us. 

18 thoughts on “Easy Digest Supplement Reviews [Dec] Is This Legit site”
  1. Surely when conducting an ivestigative review on a product, it would be relevant to seek out people who have actually been using the product, to gain accurate feedback !

  2. I have studied evidence based medicine (at Oxford). There may be no reviews or research papers for this combination of nutrients to help the gut . However, there are good quality research papers indicating that many of the individual ingredients in this combination may well have a beneficial effect on the gut. I’m not sure if the quantity in the pills will be enough. Since I have also studied the human microbiome but have not really been successful trying of resolving my own gut problems and inflammation by trying to improve them with probiotics. I agree that this was expensive, and a bit hard sell, but if it were to work a consultation with Dr Perez would be cheap at the price, and my symptoms fit his description of those who might benefit. I will try it for six months and see if it helps me and report back. Dec 2020.

    1. I was just wondering if you used the easy digest supplement for 6 months and if so what was the outcome? Sorry i think i may of misread it. have you only started them in Dec 2020 so your reply will be in june 2021? By the way are you feeling any benefits?
      Many thanks Sharon

  3. Hello,

    I read your article.

    Is there another product you recommend instead of Easy Digest.

    Would appreciated.


  4. I have just purchased 3 bottles of Dr. Raphael Perez Easy Digest. I ordered it about 2 hours ago and just received an
    e-mail reply that my order was being dealt with, and I would receive it 7-10 days. As regards cost…..I accept the price. I ‘ve
    met people who spend £30 pw on lottery tickets, or £30 pw on cigarettes, or £30 pw on alcohol et-al. So a one off of £40 pw on what is classified as a food supplement is OK for me. If it works for me maybe I will buy some more.

  5. My gut problems were solved when I stopped eating gluten. I suggest to people that they read “Wheat Belly” by William Davis, MD.

  6. Will this product help me as I have Crohn’s disease
    I am currently taking a drug Stelara injections every six weeks


  7. I have ordered a batch of the tablets. Twelve days after they had been shipped, I have received a note from the Royal Mail. Apparently, in addition to the quoted price, there is also a Customs Fee to pay. In my case this is £62. 14. I have replied to my confirmatory email but heard nothing. Is this genuine? Is the customs fee due to Brexit? Is it a scam? I am worried that I may have been played. Do I pay the customs fee and get the tablets or cut my losses now?

  8. He waffles on and on by dangling the promise of revealing his secret which is just plain marketing bullshit, but never actually reveals it. I smell a rat. Only the stupid will be duped

  9. Hello I’ve just purchased easy digest capsules I’m finding them hard to swallow is there any other way of taking them please if so how and what with kind regards nathalie.

  10. What percentage of the people taking this have the level of the success that is being promoted on here please ?

  11. Came here because of watching the EasyFlex hard sell on you tube, with endless pontificating dirge and a ridiculous price tag.
    There the bloke claimed he had disclosed all the ingredients, only one was briefly visible and never mentioned.

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