Does Google Support LGBT

Does Google Support LGBT [Nov] Read to Know the Story! >>This article will be reading about how Google has worked hard to provide respect and employment to LGBT people.

Do you know the full form of the word LGBT? LGBT stands for the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender, which has now started coming in one of the most respected community. In this article, you will be reading about Does Google Support LGBTLike how the Google team have started supporting them by providing them employment or helping them in new ways.

This article is associated with the United States residence. You will be reading about how Google has started taking measures to support this community by being employed at Google.

After reading this article about Does Google Support LGBT? You will get all the information about how Google has started taking measures for supporting the transgender community.

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From where did Google start it?

As you all know, Google is always known for its innovative works with their creative ideas.

Google started it in New York in the year 2006, where they have given a particular name for this community who are working for Google, which is ‘Googler.’ 

They have given this unique name to the transgender community people who are being employed in Google.

Then they have started making advertisements for thi community to bring awareness to the whole world. The main aim of Google for doing is that they wanted to give equal respect, equal employment to this community, and they wanted the same from the whole world.

Now, Does Google Support LGBT?Yes, Google has taken various measures for supporting the Transgender community by giving them respect and employment.

What were the advertisements made by Google for this mission?

In the year 2011, Google has started making awareness projects and advertisements for its mission for the transgender community.

They have posted several videos and advertisements on Chrome and YouTube, which also worked as an excellent measure for bringing awareness and giving respect to those Googlers.

This wasn’t the first time Google has started this type of project; they have been doing this type of work for a long time. And they were always successful in their missions.

Now you can easily decide Does Google Support LGBT?

What were the types of Apps made for Transgender People?

After a few months, Google has given an excellent platform for these people, which was Hangout. 

On Hangout, Google has given the third gender people the rights to speak up about their expressions, their rights, and talk freely about what they want.

In the same year, Google has launched a video on YouTube about their campaign, which they started in 2006. The video shows that they were successful in providing equal rights and equal employment to the Googlers.

Along with YouTube, Google was very proud and happy to love the LGBT community and all the Googlers working in Google.

Final Verdict:

This article in the United States gave you all the information about a particular project started by the Google team for the LGBT community.

This article of Does Google Support LGBT? Shows that Google always remains in the front for this type of work to spread awareness worldwide.

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