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Depremplatformu com (Nov) Check The Earthquake Data -> Now check the recent list of dead and injured people alongside wrecked buildings or structures.  

Because of the pandemic and lockdown, our mother earth is recovering from the damages caused by us. Have you seen any changes in the environment where you live? If you see closely, the atmosphere is livelier and the air fresher than before. The roads are empty, and the surroundings are calmer. However, Depremplatformu com depicts a different world that involves the mortality rate. 

Turkey is currently confronting earthquakes and other calamities that are claiming and injuring many lives. As the casualties are on-going, the data cannot be established for all of us to analyze. Therefore, the Depremplatformu website lists all names and addresses that are affected because of the recent earthquake. You have to stay right with us to know more details. 

What is Depremplatformu com?

Depremplatformu com is a website that is handled by a Turkish individual. There are rumors about the death and injured data on Twitter and other social media. Therefore, he has taken the responsibility to pose appropriate data that does not comprise stories, rectifications, and false claims. You can check the website and data of people’s names or addresses. 

Why is Depremplatformu com special?

Instagram and Twitter are two social media platforms where people spread rumors about the earthquake’s damages. It is creating chaos within the states as people fear for their lives. Depremplatformu com is unique because it contains all the dead, injured, and rescued people. 

Why is the list essential?

Turkey is known for its ancient buildings and structures. The recent earthquake has damaged and abolished many buildings. In this manner, many people are crushed under them. Therefore, a good list is mandatory to keep a tab on the injured, dead, and rescued people. 

What is the disclaimer on the website?

The website depicts a disclaimer when you open it. A Turkish person who is operating the site is claiming that it is his voluntary work. Therefore, the list should not be considered as the conclusion. The plan is mandatory because Instagram and Twitter are filled with inaccurate information. Besides, the given information is updated and confirmed but is not affiliated with official institutions. 

What the list comprises?

The Depremplatformu com website showcases name, surname, address, and latest status. To make the post clear, we are listing some characters that you can also check on the site:

  • Ege Ilgaz Yuksel- Died
  • Nilufer Daloglu- Died
  • Idil Cute- Rescued
  • Sercan Turgur- Rescued
  • Ayse Bozkurt- Wrecked
  • Shahide Kozali- Died
  • Zarife Dogan- Wrecked
  • Seda Dincer- Died

Final Verdict:

It is mandatory to check on the injured and dead people alongside wrecked ancient structures or buildings. As the earthquake damages are clearing out, the updated list is still incomplete. 

You can check the latest data on Depremplatformu com. Please fulfill our post with your comments. You can write whatever you know about the earthquake status. It may help the website handler to update the list correctly. 

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