Defending the Republic org Website (Nov) & Outs!! >> The post shares details about the newly launched website to protect the lawful votes of the American republicans.  

Legal Defense Fund for the American Republic or LDFFTAR was established recently in the United States to defend and protect the Republic of America and to lookout the decency of the decisions made in the presidential election 2020. 

The Defending the Republic org Website has established recently to protect and secure the Americans’ legal votes and ensure the honesty of the political decision. The website’s role is to collect funds and donations to file a lawsuit against the poor-vote counting after 2020.

Residents of America interested in learning about the real results, must visit the website and contribute to the cause by donating money. Soon after the presidential election 2020 results have declared, many debates and discussions related to voter fraud surfaced online. 

Attorney Sidney Powell backs the website to defend and protect the citizens’ lawful votes, educate the world about the constitutional Republic rights, election integrity. 

What is Defending the Republic org Website?

Defending the Republic org Website is the newly launched portal to defend the Republic by filing a lawsuit against the voter fraud that may have impacted the results of the presidential election 2020.

All residents of the United States who want to learn about the constitutional Republic, ensure election integrity, protect lawful votes, and pursue legal lawsuits to protect the Republic must visit the website and contribute to the cause by making donations.  

The website has designed to urge the citizens to donate and support the cause so that Attorney Powell can file a lawsuit against voter fraud. The website shares all relevant information that a user checks before donating. 

Specifications of Defending the Republic org Website

  • The domain was registered recently after the presidential election results
  • The role of the website is to fight against voter fraud in the presidential election 2020
  • Defending the Republic org Website shares details for filing the lawsuit
  • You will come to know about the measures taken by attorney Powell
  • Donation for the campaign starts from $25, and it is counted as the legal defense fund 

Updates on Defending the Republic org Website

The admin constantly updates the website. As per the website, $500,000 has required to file a lawsuit against voter fraud. People started donating for the cause, and millions more are required to file the lawsuit.

Reviews and Reactions

The Defending the Republic org Website is receiving donations from the citizens, and it keeps informing about the campaign. The users have responded to the existence of the website.

Many citizens and supporters of Joe Biden call it website propaganda by the Trump supporters, and many supports the campaign of attorney Powell.   

Some citizens are still not in favor of the website and said that they are politically unbiased and only support the honest results of the presidential election 2020.


In the presidential election of 2020, many Trump supporters have claimed voter fraud in the election. They believe that their votes have been disposed of. Therefore, liberal supporters are attempting to file a lawsuit against voter fraud. 

So, to ensure the election results’ honesty and protect American citizens’ lawful votes, the website has been created. If there is something worth mentioning about the Defending the Republic org Website, write it down in the comment section.

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  1. Please advise correct mailing address for Defending the Republic as we NEVER submit donations on line. Our contribution will be minimal,
    but we so admire Sidney Powell and support her endeavors on behalf of Our President Trump! We wish our donation to be utilized ONLY in this
    legal battle to prove election fraud! THANK YOU.

  2. I received a link to vote for the American Presidential election, a turbovote.
    It is kind of stupid because i did not ask for it and i am not an American citizen because i am Dutch and live in a small town near Rotterdam in the Netherlands,
    so, voterfraud worldwide or…?

  3. Sydney Powell We are behind You 100%. Hold the line. Stand up for FREEDOM. God Bless You & Our Republic. SEMPER FIDELAS

  4. I would love to Donate to the Fight For Freedom but, I can’t find where to do it. Maybe you could tell me.
    Thank You

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