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Defend your ballet.Com (Sep 2020) Find Solutions to your Needs. >> In the above article, you read about a website that gathers volunteers to support Donald Trump to re-win the elections.

The upcoming elections in the United States are a matter of concern for all the country’s citizens. All the candidates are making all possible efforts to make sure that they win the elections.

One such attempt is to Defend Your Ballet. Com, wherein various volunteers are motivated to join the campaign to promote Donald Trump and his ideas, will help him win the 2020 elections.

This campaign is actively supported by the digital media pages of the Trump team as well.

Read the following article to know more about Defend Your Ballet. Com and how is it working to help Trump re-win the elections.

What is Defend Your Ballot. Com?

Defend Your Ballet. Com is started to help Donald Trump win back the elections. These elections of the United States will be held in 2020. 

This website’s whole idea is to gather more volunteers who will support the elections and other associated activities and ultimately help Trump win these elections again

How to register as a Volunteer?

To register as a volunteer, the interested candidates can fill in their personal details on the website. After filling their details, the team will contact these people personally.

Meanwhile, the candidates can follow the following steps as well – 

  • Sign up on trump to be eligible for making calls.
  • Register for a TVLI Training.
  • Follow the social media pages on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter by Team Trump.
  • Text on the provided number to receive constant updates about the campaigns.

Opportunities available for Volunteers

Multiple options are available for volunteers in which they can register as per their interests. Some of the available options are being a part of the election-day team, host a MAGA meet up, register voters, making calls on Trump talk, becoming a digital activist, etc.

The interested candidates can go through all the available opportunities to Defend Your Ballet. Com and register themselves in one or multiple activities, as per their choice.

Digital Activities on Defend Your Ballot. Com

It has been seen that a lot of influence can be created on the voters through the digital medium. Thus, volunteers are being motivated to participate in the digital activities of the Trump Team.

These activities include being aware of all the important, relevant news, posting on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, use various hashtags, and ultimately increase the number of volunteers in this movement.


Sincere efforts are being carried out by the volunteers associated with Defend Your Ballet. Com. With the help of digital media, involving young adults in the campaigns, providing multiple opportunities to the volunteers, spreading awareness, etc., they are making sure that Trump’s message reaches a large audience and helps him in the elections 2020.  

Do let us know about your experience and any suggestions to Defend Your Ballet. Com in 

the comments section below.

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  1. My wife and I signed up for Oct 20th morning to volunteer. Someone called me and left a message to check my email but I haven’t received anything. Could you follow up with me ASAP please. We are GOP volunteers now and have been working hard to support our President.


    Mike and Denise Grubbs
    904-219-1780 cell

  2. I
    I used a sharpie marker at tracy school in Norwalk ct. now I am told this may not have been recorded all the people voting there were using these markers and the ballots just went into a simple box not a counting machine. I feel something is awry and I would like to complain on the strongest possible terms

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