Decorsday Reviews (Jan 2021) Is It Scam? >> Want to know about a website offering home decors, guest book, gifts, and other decorative stuff? Well, we have shared something informative in our content. Do Read!  

Hello guys! This content shares Decorsday Reviews and essential information about the Website. So, please read it to have authentic information about it! Many online stores are selling featured and stylish decorative items for every event. But it’s essential to go thoroughly and investigate the website first. Many of you may be interested in buying stylish and trendy design decors for parties or weddings. Well, you can look at, which sells decors for every event. The website is the United States based website.Well, here content will help you to decide whether it is safe purchasing decor items from this website or not. Along with Decorsday Reviews, we have shared the website details and specifications too. So, let’s read and know.

What Is is an online shopping e-commerce store supplying glittery party and wedding decorations. The website offers a decorative item of different themes such as a modern, geometric, southern wedding, greenery, Gatsby, and Boho. You can get framed gifts inscribed with something related to the event, like a wedding or engagement.

The website domain name is registered recently on 11th November 2020. It has only had a payment option made available for people. Further, the website ships it is item internationally. Look at the specification of and read Decorsday Reviews displayed below!

Specification of Decorsday

  • Type of Website: E-commerce site supplying wedding, party, and home decors 
  • Contact number of the company: 821-697-0194
  • Email address of the store: [email protected]
  • Address of the store: Chris Salcedo, 10810, Richmond, Texas, 77406 United States
  • Method Of Payment: PayPal only
  • Shipping policy: products are shipped internationally.
  • Returns and exchange policy: Returns are accepted only fourteen days after the date of delivery.
  • Refund Policy: Refunds are issued to customers within one or two business days in the original form of payment.

Pros of Decorsday com:

  • Decorsday com supplies it’s item internationally.
  • Decorsday com offers trendy and stylish decorative items 
  • The website provides you a refund within two days.

Cons of Decorsday com:

  • We didn’t come across any Decorsday Reviews shared by anyone online.
  • The website has a one percent trust index.
  • The site seems to be not much popular 
  • The website domain is registered only one month ago.
  • The website uses only one payment method, while the customer who doesn’t have a PayPal account may have issues while making payments.
  • Handling and shipping fee are non-refundable.

Is Decorsday Legit?

This is the most critical question you may have in your mind: Decorsday a real website or a fraud one. Decorsday com website had registered himself in e-commerce platform just thirty-eight ago, not a decent sign. Discussing the Decorsday Reviews posted up by people online, but we got no such information about Decorsday com Reviews anywhere.

Moreover, some flaws in the website itself, which we noticed while investigating the Decorsday com. Firstly, the website’s domain name is registered on 30th November 2020; this implies that the store is very new to be believed by us. 

Secondly, only one payment option is given, which means only customers having a PayPal account can assess the product. Customers who don’t have a PayPal account may find it difficult to order anything from, the About Us page of the Decorsday is absent on the website page. And the website is lacking detailed information about itself. So, it will be safe if you try to stay away from sites that have so many negative points and drawbacks.

What Are People Thoughts About Decorsday Reviews? e-commerce store has recently registered its domain name, and it has just been thirty-eight days Of presence in the e-commerce platform. So, reviews about is found missing, and no customers had shared anything about online.Also, the website has not shared or established its pages on social sites. So, we need to wait for some time until the website gets any better reviews and ratings.


So, as far as we are concerned about this content’s conclusion, we recommend you all to evaluate the website thoroughly and then decide whether to make any kind of deal from such sites. As people do not yet share Decorsday Reviews, you may wait until the website collects customer reviews.Write down all your queries and questions related with the website in the comment box below and let us know how looks to you. We are happy to assist you! 

9 thoughts on “Decorsday Reviews (Jan 2021) Is It Scam?”
  1. Yes this web site is definitely a fraud site ,as I got taken by these scammers and now will be taken action to get my money that was scammed by them

  2. Decorsday appears to be a scam
    Phone does not work
    email does not work
    They say they ship, give a tracking no., goes to some other address.
    I am surprised that paypal and UPS allows this.

  3. This site is a scam. I ordered and never received the file cabinet. There is no way to contact the store. Don’t do it!!!!!!

  4. I made a mistake and ordered from this website on Jan 10, 2021. Although they say they sell decor merchandise the thing that they advertised, and I ordered, were a set of 4 tire dollies. I did a search for tire dollies and these guys were right on the front page. The price was great so I ordered it. The only form of payment is PayPal. I never receive an acknowledgment of my order from the Decorsday website but received my e-mail receipt from Paypal. The PayPal receipt only showed a merchant which was Chinese characters – 许 杰 – so I was sure my order was coming from China. On 1-13, I sent emails to both mail addresses ([email protected] and [email protected]) in an attempt to find out the status of my order. Both e-mails were returned as a permanent error. On 1-15, I received an email from PayPal saying the goods shipped and provided a UPS tracking number. I keyed the tracking number in to find that it said the goods delivered two days ago on the 13th at 1:48 p.m and were left on the porch by the driver. Pish! That didn’t happen. I currently work from home and am here all day, every day and no one came to my house and dropped at my porch. I double-checked our ring doorbell as well as our camera at the driveway. The only activity on 1-13 was a car driving by at 1:39 p.m. and my daughter arriving at 3:05 p.m. There is absolutely nothing in between those times. The “proof of delivery”- and I use that term loosely- does not provide any information on where the goods originated but show they shipped 1- 11-21 and delivered 1-13-21. It shows the goods moved via UPS ground and the weight was 0.20lb. First, I’ve never known UPS to omit where the goods originated. Second, UPS ground does not deliver in two days and certainly not if it is coming from China. Third, the weight of the goods I order would have been approximately 55 pounds not 0.20 lbs. I have opened up a dispute with Paypal and hopefully will be able to recover my money. I want them to take back the money from these scammers. I am usually very careful but did not do my due diligence that day. I have learned my lesson and will ALWAYS double-check the website I am ordering from. So, based on this experience I would not recommend that anyone EVER order from this company because you’ll lose your money and you won’t’ get your goods.

  5. I recently ordered a fuel pressure regulator and paid thru PayPal. I purchased the item on Jan 16 and once I paid, The web site information about my purchase was no longer available until Jan 19 and the item I purchased was no longer shown in their items for sale. I can’t say as of yet if this is a scam because I’m still waiting for the reply within 24hrs as stated. I’m beginning to feel as if I’ve been taken. I’ll leave more if it turns out negative.

  6. Scam Company!!….buyer beware…I ordered a product and they sent it to the wrong Address, and after fighting with UPS & Pay-Pal..NO REFUND was given!

  7. In the past 2 days, my PayPal account has been hit for over 1200 dollars in cash withdrawals. You decide if it is a scam or not. I’m afraid to enter any information on their website.

  8. This is in fact a company that scams people. I just dealt with their scam and almost lost nearly $100. The name and address list on the webpage is not the person who gets paid through Paypal. In fact, its a female named Christine Martin who gets paid through Paypal.
    How they scammed me…she sent a package to someone in my city with a tracking number. She listed the tracking number on Paypal. Package got marked as delivered only it wasn’t delivered to me. According to the post office who keeps all the details of a package and it’s delivery, stated that package was addressed and delivered to someone else in Salem. They were also able to provide me further details confirming it wasn’t what I paid for nor intended for me to receive.
    I filed a claim with Paypal even providing a letter form the postal inspector confirming what he said to me regarding the package.
    Paypal emailed stating they cited with the seller because she gave them a confirmation number that stated delivered.. They didn’t even bother to speak to the post office. I called Paypal. They tried telling me I had to have a form filled out. I explained to them the Post Office will not provide me with details of where the package was delivered due to their privacy issues. Mentioning the word privacy is what seemed to make a difference because he seemed more willing to help me. He said they had a way to check and placed me on hold. When he came back on the phone, he said he was able to confirm that I did not get the package and that my money was refunded.
    Had he not refunded, I would have filed a claim with my bank and provided them with the letter from the Post Office.
    I’m telling people about this to help anyone else who is dealing with a mail order scam.
    Note–never have something sent 1st class unless you are willing to take the risk. 1st class mail doesn’t provide the tracking information like priority and overnight delivery.
    If a package is missing, file a claim with the post office. If you end up in my situation, get a letter stating the confirmation number and that is was not delivered to you.
    Get a printed copy of the confirmation number given to you by the seller.
    You might also want a copy of details of what you purchased…item size and weight. In my situation, I bought a scanner. What the seller shipped was only 1 oz. Definitely not a scanner.

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