Cozynobby Reviews [Oct 2020] Is It Fake Scam Or Legit? -> This article is intended to deliver honest feedback on a particular website to restrain customers from falling into an online trap.

Are you done with your Halloween shopping yet? Halloween is around the corner, and girls are looking for something nice to slay the Halloween night. Are you one amongst those hunting for some cool Halloween appropriate costumes, looking for some options for Christmas, or have not shopped for a long time. Keep reading because you might have a new website option to shop for yourself at the end of this article.

After looking around for Cozynobby Reviews on the internet for a long time, no results were found. It is major because the website is a couple of months old, and people have not explored it yet. However, the analysis of this website says that the website has a secure connection. Cozynobby is not available on any of the social media platforms. The website content is also not unique and has been pulled out from other existing websites. The return address and the contact number is not mentioned on the website.

The website is based in the United States that drop-ships the products across. The return policies on this website are as similar as any other brand. The customers will bear the shipping cost if a customer is not satisfied with the product received at their doorstep.

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Is Cozynobby a legit website to shop?

So there are few parameters of a website that is considered as a legit brand. Parameters like the full disclosure of the contact details, returning address, social media pages, customer Cozynobby Reviews. All these parameters are not covered on this website, which will be a sign of concern before giving this website a go. Usually, a scam website looks appealing at the outer side. Still, it hides so much information from the customers like partial contact details mentioned, jaw-dropping discounts, no saying the returning address, and other information required when the customers want some after assistance after receiving the package.

What is the Cozynobby website?

So basically, Cozynobby looks cool at one glance as this website has some really interesting stuff for women who want a little change in their wardrobe and want to try out something very comfortable and pretty cool at the same time. This website has clothing stuff that includes Halloween clothes, Christmas vibe clothes, and some amazing print themed clothes like ethnic style, horses, vintage tribal, Frida Kahlo, Nature, Plants. This website also has a collection of pants like jeans, leggings, lounge pants and cargo pants, floral print dresses. It also has attractive fashion accessories and some out of the box style shoes, Tops, etc.

The Specifications of the Cozynobby website:

  • Type of the product: Women’s Online Fashion Store
  • Website’s URL:
  • Email id: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: It is not mentioned in the website
  • Cost of shipping: It is not mentioned in the website
  • Payment Mode: Online mode such as American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, Maestro, Master Card, PayPal, Visa Card.
  • Return Policy: This option is available
  • Refund Policy: The website comes with this option

Below are the pros of buying from Cozynobby Reviews:

  • Great options in style.
  • Comfortable style range available.
  • The website has a secure connection.
  • Return & Refund available.
  • Discounts available.

Below are the cons of Buying from Cozynobby Reviews:

  • The website content is plagiarized.
  • Partial disclosure of contact details.
  • The website is not available on social media platforms.
  • There are no customer Cozynobby Reviews all over the internet on this website.

What are people saying about the Cozynobby website?

As this website is just a couple of months old, there are no traces of customer Cozynobby Reviews found on the internet.

Final Verdict:

Although the website is quite intriguing for the customer’s eye, there are a few key areas to keep in mind before buying products. The partial disclosure of contact details is quite alarming and raises a question on the genuinity of this website. Hence, it is suggested to keep away from this website. 

The other deep analysis says that the website content is not original; there is no return address and absolute nonexistence on social media platforms. Usually, before spending a penny, we all look for validation and some genuine recommendation, which is also not found on the internet. It takes away the surety of a customer who wants to buy stuff from this website.

However, if the website works on its drawbacks in the future, you may shop from this website. For now, it would be recommended to look for some safe alternative websites.

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  1. I didn’t get what I ordered and sizes where wrong don’t shop there I ordered 2 piece sets and got either the top or the bottoms in the wrong size

  2. Yes, I orderEd from this company, they sent me the wrong size. I sent an email to return the item, but the email response is stating they do not sell clothes and their website has been removed from the internet.
    Now I am stuck with an item that 2 sizes to small. I don’t know if I have any remedy to this issue.

  3. I ordered from Cozynobby. I received my order within 10 days of processing. However, the 10% discount offered to complete my order within :30min was not honored. I contacted Customer Service immediately. I received an email 4 days later ‘that discounts must be entered manually’. (???) When I emailed back ‘what does that mean? Does that mean you will not honor your discount offering?’ No response to date. A confirmation tracking number was provided. Package arrived. Items were packaged properly. Fabrics were nice to the touch and as beautiful as shown on website. Interesting sidenote: there were NO tags in the clothing. No company tags, no fabric content tags, no care/washing instruction tags. There is also NO care / washing instructions on the website. As a seamstry fanatic…the seamstry/sewing was on point. I think I was very fortunate but would not order from them again.

    Ordered a dress on 16/10. Realised on 17/10 that I had ordered the incorrect size. E-mail customer services straightaway but unfortunately the item had already been posted out to me. On 17/10 explained that I would be returning the item and wanted it exchanged for another size. Received the item on 29/10 and requested a return address for the return and exchange. This followed daily e-mails where the Seller first tried to put me off returning the item by telling how expensive it would be to return.. They then asked me to gift the item and then asked me to keep the item and they would refund me $5. On 11/11, I finally received the return address. On the same day, I returned the item and sent CozyNobby the International tracking number. It was only then that the refunded me my money, which was something I had never asked for!
    After I complained, I was told that I could repurchase the item in the larger size.

  5. I have filed a dispute with PayPal and they instructed me to file a report with Internet Crimes. Hopefully I will have my money back soon, but I experienced the same as some of the others…bought a two piece set, only got the top, no skirt. Didn’t receive the men’s shirt at all. Advertised wooden earrings were some form of acrylic, materials were paper thin. They advertised a Facebook banner as a black-owned business going out of business and then got redirected after purchase. This site is no longer operational as well. I requested a return and they said they were scared to have me ship it back as they may not receive it. They never processed the refund for items that were never sent. Hopefully PayPal will be able to recoup my funds.

  6. I spent over $300.00 within 30 days ordering different items: I ordered two-piece outfits and only got one piece, I ordered dresses got the wrong, when I reached out to them no response. Finally I returned some of the items for an exchange, no response. A hard lesson learned. They kept my money and the returned items. Why I spent so much money with them before finally waking up—but I was also told you will reap what you sow. I guess I was too trusting or didn’t think a company would do this to any one. All I wanted was what I paid for. But there is something up the road for them. Someone will do them worst than what they did to me. I guess honesty is not in their vocabulary. I wish I had researched them before I spent money. But there were NO reviews out there when I ordered. Please don’t order NOTHING not even a handkerchief from this company.

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