Sponelle Site Reviews: Is Sponelle a Scam? Hello people of the United State, are you excited about party ribbons and shopping from Sponelle.site? The site boasted an impressive collection and variety of party ribbons and appeared just when you needed it, right? You can now pick and choose the colors and design in keeping with your gift, making that perfect wrap! If your answer is yes, then we welcome you to Sponelle site Reviews. Our job is to help you know everything you need about Sponelle.Site before investing more time and energy and, most importantly, your hard-earned money on to the site. Yes, you are right, Sponelle site Reviews is here to answer Is Sponelle Scam! We suggest you go through our article before deciding to shop and also give us your views. Is Sponelle Site a Scam? Sponelle site Reviews have conducted thorough research to answer the question Is Sponelle Scam. Our research shows that the Sponelle Site.com was registered less than a month ago on 13.07.2020. Traffic is from low to negligible, and it seems doubtful whether at all anyone has purchased anything from here. Sponelle site Reviews also found that Godaddy.com, home to several fraudulent sites, hosts the website, which makes us feel that the answer to Is Sponelle Scam may be a yes! The website appearance is also a big pointer toward the answer to Is Sponelle Scam. The website seems incomplete, and the photos are from Google. Every photo seems to have Chinese inscriptions on the bottom left, which raises a lot of suspicions. However, the website was not detected by any blacklist engine, but then it is too young for the same. What is Sponelle Site.com? Sponelle.site is an innovative website that provides beautiful and decorative ribbons suited to all purposes. You can buy it for that perfect gift wrap; you can use it for your home decorations or party decorations. You can even fix it up to use as an accessory with that perfect party dress. Sponelle site reviews also discovered that while ordering, the time of order must be kept in mind as any order placed after noon is shipped the next day. Similarly, any order placed post noon on a Friday would be shipped on Monday. If you are in a hurry, remember to order before noon for quick delivery. Also, as the site uses, PayPal is safe in terms of transactions conducted. Specifications Website type: Party Ribbons Delivery time: The deliver ordered Shipments in 7-10 working days Shipping charge: Free within the United States. Return or Exchange: Timeline not specified Refund: Refund will be 1-3 working days back to your PayPal account Shipping & Returns: Only through the United States Postal Service (USPS) Contact Person: Jennifer Smithwick Company address: 25 Fifield St., Watertown, MA 02472 United States Contact number: (209) 518-7896 Email address: support@sponelle.site Payment mode: Only through PayPal Pros of using Sponelle Site.com The website is User-friendly. PayPal ensures safe transactions There is a contact person detail provided in case of issues. They offer Free shipping for the United States. Cons of Using Sponelle Site.com: The domain age is less than a month. The website has no feedback section. The website does not offer COD Website seems incomplete The photos are from Google with Chinese words written on them. What are Customers Saying? Sponelle Site Reviews found very few customers who have bought products from the site, but they had only negative reviews to give. Complaints ranged from no to incorrect delivery and delayed response for return. When we asked these customers Is Sponelle Scam, they directly answered with a yes. Customers have complained that the website is not up to the mark, and the products delivered by them are different from the ones displayed on their webpage. Also, they have mentioned that the products on this site are not worth the money. Final Verdict Sponelle Site Reviews feels the website Sponelle.site is fraudulent. The site has all downloaded photos. Moreover, the prices quoted seem quite extravagant when compared to average market prices for ribbons. The “About me” page also seems incomplete, and there is very little registration information provided on the website. Also, the lack of customer reviews points more towards a fraud. Overall, the answer to the question Is Sponelle Scam, according to Sponelle Site Reviews is a, yes, and it is better to stay away from this site. Do comment your views below about the same. Description: In this article, you will read about a website dealing with beautiful party ribbons and different accessories.

Comfyrs Clothing Reviews {Oct 2020} A Scam Or Legit Site >> In this article, we will review an online clothing and accessories store for women.

Are you on the lookout to buy some cool, trendy outfits? Shopping online for clothes, footwear, and accessories has become the new normal, and there are so many e-stores offering an exquisite variety of collections. Comfyrs Clothing has a lot to offer in terms of women’s fashion. We will delve in an in-depth analysis of this website and go through Comfyrs Clothing Reviews so that we can help you decide if shopping from this website is infact a good idea. 

Comfyrs is an online store selling tops, dresses, skirts, shoes, and accessories for women. They recently set up their online store in the United State and offer a diverse collection. 

We, based on our investigation, are going to address a crucial question – Is Comfyrs Clothing Legit?  The answer will help all of you stay away from the website if it is a scam and if not, you can be sure and shop at ease. 

Table of Contents

What is Comfyrs Clothing?

Are you looking for something comfortable to wear, or a dress for a party, accessories or even shoes, then Comfyrs seems to be your answer. Comfyrs Clothing is an online store set up in the United State recently. They are offering a massive variety at cheap pricing. Infact, they are running several discount schemes on their website. 

T-shirts, Jackets, dresses, pants, shorts, skirts, accessories and shoes are a few of the products from their vast collection. They have mentioned almost all their business details on the website, but have not mentioned a contact number. 

In terms of social media, they have managed to get a few thousand followers on Facebook. Their customers do not seem very satisfied with their products, and they have almost a 1 rating from their customers online. 

Comfyrs Clothing Specifications

  • Website: https://www.comfyrs.com/
  • Products: Clothes, Accessories and footwear for women
  • Address: Starlink Technology Co Limited; Flat/Rm 1902 Easey Comm building,   Hennessy Road, Wangchai
  • Email: cs@comfyrs.com
  • Phone Number: Not mentioned
  • Processing duration: 3-5 days
  • Delivery: Express Delivery 5-10 days
  •  Standard Delivery 7-15 days
  • Returns: Within 30 days 
  • Exchange: Unclear
  • Refund Period: 2-3 days. 
  • Payment Method: Amex/Mastercard/Visa/PayPal and others. 

Comfyrs Clothing Pros

  • They offer a diverse collection of women fashion items
  • Crucial details, including return and refund policies, are mentioned. 
  • Multiple payment modes available.

Comfyrs Clothing Cons

  • Missing contact number on the website. 
  • Customer reviews claim it to be a fraud site extorting money. 

Is Comfyrs Clothing Legit? 

For an online store that was launched a few months back, Comfyrs Clothing seems to be popular. Not all for the right reasons. They have a website with details present like return and refund policy, an office address which is a good sign. 

The website is offering clothes at cheap prices and has a lot of discount offers. No reviews are present on the website, but Comfyrs Clothing Reviews on the web are mostly negative. Many customers claim that this is a fraud website. Either they never received the product or even they did it was of poor quality and different from the one that they selected.

So, Is Comfyrs Clothing Legit? We believe it is not. It is a scam website which is extorting money from users online. A lot of other fraud clothing website online seems to have a similar design pattern as this Comfyrs.

Comfyrs Clothing Customer and User Reviews

Comfyrs Clothing Reviews seem to discourage people from buying from their website and claim for it to be a scam. Many customers never received the products and a lot other either received inferior quality products or something completely different. They have been rated as low as a 1 star by their customers. 

Based on these reviews, we concluded that this is a scam website. They are trying to lure users with fancy pictures of products at cheap prices which they never seem to be able to deliver. Steer clear away from shopping on this website. 

Final Verdict

After thorough research on Comfyrs, we can now conclude that this is not a legitimate website. They have no credibility whatsoever. They were launched only a few months back and have become quite well-known for all the wrong reasons. Comfyrs Clothing Reviews clearly show dissatisfied customers who have lost hundreds of dollars to this fraud. 

Readers, our suggestion to you is not to make any purchase from this website. Also, please write to us if you have anything to share in regards to this store. 

26 thoughts on “Comfyrs Clothing Reviews {Oct 2020} A Scam Or Legit Site”
    1. DO NOT ORDER- It took forever to receive items (2months). Once received the items were different from ordered. Shirt graphic was different and earrings were completely different. they said they would give $5 for mistake or asked that I return at my cost, take videotape of products, take pictures and told us even this will not guarantee 100% refund. You will lose your money. Buyer beware. they do not care about quality. we were scammed.

    2. I was not so fortunate. I ordered over $100 worth of clothes. It took Over a month to receive them And then I was two items short. I am still trying to get my money back for the items I did not receive ,figure I will keep what I got for knock around clothes that’s all they are good for.

  1. This is so weird. I ordered 5 t-shirts from Comfrys before I read all of the horrible reviews. I thought oh great just lost my money. I did not even expect to receive my order. It took a while, but it came. Everything was the right size. Seems they have two different lines of t-shirts. One is very artistic and made of polyester fabric and one group is probably a cotton blend. The cotton blend are a skimpy cut and the fabric is thin. They artsy ones are terrific. The designs on the shirts are really unique. I got one with a very clever picture of a whale. Never seen anything like that before. The others have pictures of stylized cats, All of these shirts have an all over design, front, back and sleeves. They are great shirts. Now, just got them, so I have not washed them yet. I will hand wash these as I do with similar shirts I have.
    Anyway, the “cheap” but cutesy shirts came a couple of weeks before the artsy, very nice shirts. So, looks like they come from different manufacturers. There is a huge difference the the quality of the 3 artsy and the 2 cutesy shirts.
    Seems like a legit company to me, but they need, I guess you might say, quality control.

  2. Unhappy customer, horrible customer service, delayed in response time, run around back and forth no help whatsoever. After telling them to cancel and refund my card they sent me a message not until I receive the item which had not even been sent out at that tome. It was sent out after contacting them several times. Items quality not great material looks cheap and is thin . Never order from them!

    1. I ordered 4 t-shirts in Aug 2020 and still have not received anything. Please advise re: where and how to follow-up.
      Thank you.

  3. It’s definitely a scam. I received a bunch of fake garbage. The colors are nothing like advertised. Fabric is crappy. I won’t wear any of it, it’s that bad. Went through similar with Noracora. MORE GARBAGE FROM CHINA. You would think I would have learned. Smh.

    1. DO NOT ORDER- It took forever to receive items (2months). Once received the items were different from ordered. Shirt graphic was different and earrings were completely different. they said they would give $5 for mistake or asked that I return at my cost, take videotape of products, take pictures and told us even this will not guarantee 100% refund. You will lose your money. Buyer beware. they do not care about quality. we were scammed.

  4. Very unhappy customer. The material was like a flimsy thin polyester scarf and not the cotton/linen like they said. They substituted garments that were not the merchandise I ordered and can not wear them or even give them away because of the poor quality. Definitely a fraudulent site. I tried to contact the customer service email and it was returned undelivered so was not able to contact them.

    1. Report this company to the attorney general for your state and the FTC. We have to stop these scammers! Falsely advertised as small biz suffering from Covid catastrophe., when it is a scam out of China! Total bait and switch, poor quality and sizes are off, and horrid customer service! Still trying to get a refund for items that were cancelled. No contact info other than email that gives a complete runaround! BUYERS BEWARE!!!!

    Counterfeit products.
    Yes, I got scammed. The email listed on their website comes back as Blocked and undeliverable. There is No phone number. I had to find that on a Reviews website. When I called, there is no voicemail, it just disconnects or says User is busy. They called me back surprisingly when I was on the phone with Paypal, so I merged the calls and let Paypal listen. I wanted a record of the conversation. The person I spoke to says they will email me a prepaid shipping label within an hour. If that doesn’t happen, Paypal has said they will open a dispute and do an investigation on this company as they heard my conversation. Based on the reviews, they said that they are looking to remove them from the Paypal platform for fraudulent activity.

    I ordered some cool shirts from a company that showed up here on Facebook. The descriptions were good, Cotton and Linen and good quality materials. I received them today. They are all made from the poorest quality polyester and feel like plastic. They apparently steal photos and descriptions from legitimate companies and then send extremely poor quality counterfeit products to unsuspecting customers.

    In case someone Has ordered from them, the number I had to call was (607)214-3005. The man who answered said his name was Mr. Beker. Good luck.

  6. I ordered 4 tee shirts and it took forever to arrive right from China. The quality was really really bad. No decent finish work, raw edged seams and really poor “paint jobs” on all four shirts. Have tried for two weeks to get a return address but just get a “we’re so busy but will contact you soon” response. This is obviously a scam and DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING from them. You will be disappointed to say the least. I will never buy anything online Again unless from a known vendor. I should have known better.

  7. Even though my credit card was charged within a day of ordering from Comfyrs, and a month and 3 days later I received a message that my order was shipped, I have not received anything, now 11 days later. I wish I had read the reviews before ordering.

  8. Please do not buy from this company!!
    I did like an idiot their clothing is awful and a total waste of money plus I have tried to several times to ask for a refund and I am not getting anywhere!
    This website should be removed and the person who let run should give people refunds disgraceful clothing it is not cotton as stated all made of cheap polyester Horrid!!

  9. Complete scam company! ! !
    I would give a negative number if possible – this
    company is run by Starlink Technology and they have at least 5 or 6 companies advertising all over Facebook, lying to people telling them they are closing because of Covid 19, suggesting you better hurry if you want to get in on what is left – I placed an order, then thought to check them out – when I saw the truth about them, I immediately emailed them to cancel the order – they refused, I did a chargeback on my card, and they sent the order anyway, apparently – I never received it, but they got their 40.77 back just today – so now I’m fighting this as soon as I get the paperwork from Capital One – Facebook should be ashamed to let this happen on their website, they have been told about this whole situation and choose to do nothing

  10. I got taken in. Top was supposed to be cotton. It is a very shiny thin 100% acrylic. Advertised in New Zealand then converted to USD
    Very expensive lesson. Check reviews.

  11. I ordered 12 items total $237, received only 4. My numerous email queries received bullshit responses. Very disappointed (i.e.PiSSED!)

  12. I ordered six shirts for my wife and THEN read these reviews. I suffered for weeks feeling stupid, and then all six shirts, totally beautiful, original, some printed both sides arrived. My wife was nuts about these. The art is unique, funny, fresh. For me, this outfit is the total greatest. No provision for me to send a picture on this site, but believe me, the models on the comfyrs ads are wearing these shirts.

  13. I placed three orders. The first two orders, I received without any problem. The third order package arrived empty. They said that they were not responsible. They would not provide me with the receipt to file a claim with the United States Postal Service. Do NOT Order From Comfyrs!

  14. I ordered three items from Comfyrs. Their website is fabulous. I wish I had read the reviews first. Two of the three items arrived after one month. They were not like the photos or descriptions! The website said they were cotton. The labels confirmed they were 100% polyester. They were not made well and they do not look good. I sent an email to ask about returns. They said they would have to be shipped to china and it was not worth it to me. I should just keep them and try to sell them myself. They offered me $5 off on my next purchase. These are not something I would consider buying in a second hand store. Lost money for me. Live and learn.

  15. I had a Horrible experience with them.
    Unfortunately the support service of this company didn’t help at all in any thing. We have changed many emails. Made me loose time and money. I ordered many products and received almost all of them wrong and the company didn’t do any thing abut it but beg ME to accept whatever came. I have never seen such a terrible way to treat a client. the products are different from the pictures and the quality questionable. I don’t recommend buying there if you don’t want to loose your money.

  16. I am going back and forth with comfrys and they will not allow returns for credit. Fraud for sure. They offer me coupons and raise amount each email I send. However I want credit for things they won’t allow returns on because they say overseas too exp. to return. Where can I report them .? NY resident

  17. I spent $79 on 4 tops. When items arrived the fit was terrible. I e-mailed company for a return – they stated that I can’t return items because it’s very expensive & it would take to long for items to return to them. They offered me $10 & stated that I give tops away to neighbors or relatives. I worked hard for my $79 dollars to just throw the money away. Very very bad business ethics. This store should not be allowed to stay in business. PLEASE BE ADVISED NEVER TO ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY.

  18. The items I bought were suppose to be mostly cotton material and they sent me polyester material that is recommended dry clean only.
    I wasn’t sent my full order and was finally given a refund after I told them I was disputing it with my card company. I had sent countless emails that weren’t helpful to me at all. This site is definitely a scam! I learned my lesson.

  19. I have ordered from this company 3 times, 12 dresses in total. My experience was really good. All my dresses are lovely, nice fabrics and well made. It does take a long time for an order to arrive, at least 2 months but it is coming from China so I completely expected that. Also their sizes are different there so you have to order 2 sizes larger than what you usually wear. Their orders have a tracking number so I knew where my package was at all times and it arrived the day they told me it would. I am sorry some people have had negative experiences but myself I will be ordering after Christmas for my clothes for next summer.

  20. I have placed an order from 30th November 2020, amount paid and still not received my order and not even email from them for the delay or whereabout of my shipment has reached…

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