Cereal de Among Us (Dec 2020) Eat By Imposters! >> Do these game characters eat cereal? To find out, read this article now!

Cereal de Among Us is currently trending on the internet, and we want to know what’s making it so trendy! So let’s find out!Among Us has stolen the hearts of many players with fun and exciting game concepts. Not only the characters are cute, but the imposters are also hard to find. The game has helped many people to enjoy their pandemic time at home.The game has gained immense popularity in 2020, and the number of downloads on internet platforms have hit skyrocket.Fans from Mexico and Colombia are curious to know more about today’s trending news, so let’s get into details!

About Among Us

Cereal de Among Us: Among Us game is currently one of the most popular games, and this popularity was not overnight. After two years of its release, the game gained fame, which is surprising as people tend to forget about a game after a few days.What makes the game more interesting is the mystery of finding out who is the imposter is, which increases the fun. The game is beautiful with its colorful characters that are so cute.Now let us know more about the trending news.

What is Cereal de Among Us?

The news that is trending features that the Among Us characters eat cereal for food in the game. Cereal demeans cereal for Among Us as they eat that for survival in the game. Many videos and blogs found where people are claiming that Among Us characters eat different types of tasty cereal.US fans are going crazy with their imagination and claiming new things every day, which gets trending as Among Us has a huge fan base worldwide.

Who is an imposter?

Cereal de Among Us; Imposter is the game’s main attraction; one of the players has to kill a crewmate and leave it a mystery for other crewmembers to find out.To discuss the imposter, they all join a group chat where everyone has to clarify themselves. Crewmates kick out any member who sounds suspicious out in the space. When a member who is not an imposter gets kicked out, the chat continuous till the main culprit is found.  The imposter makes the game very entertaining, and if you have good identification skills, you are winning the game!


In today’s article Cereal de Among Us, we would like to mention that the concept of Among Us characters eating cereal is fan friction, aka this is the imagination of some fans. The official website of the game has not mentioned anything about the grain.

Like this news, there are much other trending news related to Among Us caused by the fans making up new things or using their imagination a bit too much. Nothing is to be believed until the game has released any news on their official gaming website.Please mention your views on this news in the comment section below.

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