Cardio Smart Watch Reviews {Dec 2020} Safe Deal Or Scam!>> Fond of great smart watch with multi-function for tracking etc., then read the articles here.

Are you looking for a smartwatch that keeps track of your fitness and also your health? Then it would be best if you tried out the Cardio Smart Watch.

To effectively keep track of the vitals, there are various smartwatches up for grabs. They can even help you maintain your weight and even map out the food you intake! 

Cardieo Smart Watch Review

One such smartwatch will be talked of in this  Cardio Smart Watch Reviews. It doubles as a sports watch and should be next on your list of purchases.  

The smartwatch has gained a loyal following from the people of the United States and has given it a 9.8 rating. 

What is Cardio Smart Watch?

The Cardio Smart Watch is an all-in-one smartwatch and fitness tracker that is one of a kind. Its screen has a 1.3-inch screen, which is unlike many other smart watches. 

This screen is ultra-responsive, and its brightness can be adjusted as per your requirements. Did we mention it is a touch screen? A single touch can make all adjustments you need. 

The Cardio Smart Watch tracks your steps, the calories burned, distance covered, the pace, heart rate, and more. But for that, you must ensure you have the watch strapped on your wrist. 

Regardless of the sport or activity, the Cardio Smart Watch Reviews found the watch will track it all and ensure that the user has meaningful insights about their fitness and activities.

The smartwatch is one that will give the user flexibility while tracking their fitness for them. Isn’t that amazing? 

Specifications of the Cardio Smart Watch:

  • The smart watch has a 1.3-inch touchscreen dial. 
  • The touch screen is OLED and is highly responsive. 
  • There is the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip in the watch. 
  • There are 14 different sport modes present. 
  • There is an unobtrusive optical light heartbeat sensor. 
  • The lithium-ion battery will last up to 10 days without charge. 
  • It is sold out of the United States
  • It is IP68 waterproof, so you can swim or surf while wearing the watch. 
  • The wrist band is made of hypoallergenic silicone that is perfect for sensitive skin. 
  • In total, the length of the watch is 5.7 to 9.2 inches. 
  • It can keep track of the heart rate.
  • It can connect to your iOS or Android smartphones via Bluetooth. 

Cardieo Smart Watch Reviews

Pros of the Cardio Smart Watch:

  • It can help lose weight faster by tracking the heart rate 
  • The touchscreen dial is highly responsive 
  • The strap is adjustable so can be tightened or loosened to fit your wrist 
  • The watch is made up of 100% hypoallergenic materials 
  • The watch will act as your fitness and overall health maintenance buddy 
  • It can be used to answer phone calls and listen to music 

Cons of the Cardio Smart Watch:

  • It is available in only one color 
  • Watches of a similar style already available 
  • Smartwatches can rarely last a day without charging 
  • The price of the smart watch is unbelievably low 
  • The website of the product has a May 2020 creation date 
  • Only customer reviews on the official site are available 

Is the Cardio Smart Watch legit or a scam?

The Cardio Smart Watch Reviews noticed that the smartwatch has not made its presence felt on the online market, and there are no reviews currently available.

There are only reviews on its official site, which was created a mere three months ago, so its legitimacy cannot be currently established. 

On closer inspection, it can be said that the smartwatch shares design similarities with the apple watch. 

Cardieo Smart Watch Scam

What are the people saying about Cardio Smart Watch? 

The smart watch’s customer comments claim that all the features on the watch are the same as claimed on the site. 

This United States manufactured watch so bright that you can easily read all notifications, even in broad daylight. Several other purchasers comment about the battery of the watch lasting for more than eight days. 

One of the customers even claims to be able to lose weight with the help of the watch quickly. However, no such reviews about the smartwatch are present online. 

Final Verdict-

As mentioned before, there are reviews only available on the official site and not online. Thus, none of the claims made by the product and its reviewers can be clarified.

The site was created only three months ago, so the reviews may not be real! So, it is best to wait instead of making a foolhardy purchase. 

20 thoughts on “Cardio Smart Watch Reviews {Dec 2020} Safe Deal Or Scam!”
  1. I just got mine and can’t even get it to turn on. I pressed the side button for two seconds and nothing happens.

  2. This watch is trash I got mine it didn’t work I contacted customer service for a refund . We agreed they would send me a new one and it’s been a month! Worst purchase and customer service ever go buy one from amazon !

    1. Hi, could you please send me the contact information, because i was looking at buying one, i decided not to complete the order as it was extra for the charger.
      They however must have captured my details because a watch arrived some weeks later, no contact info or anything else.


  3. These cardieo watches are garbage! They look cheap and are cheap. You can not send text from it, emails, or call from it. If you answer your phone calls from the watch then your phone turns on and your talking through it and so if you’re not close enough to it then no one can hear you. There’s no “breathe” app like advertised. There’s an “not water proof do not get wet” warning in paperwork. This watch looks nothing like they advertise and does not work well at all. It does nothing that my Apple Watch can do. It is NOT worth the $48. Trust me! This is one of the worst watches I have ever tried or reviewed. The screen size is small compared to the actual size of the watch. To me this is an extremely cheap product and it shows. I truly believe they are advertising an Apple Watch in their ads because their watch is nothing like what they advertise. The packaging is horrible and cheaply done. Also, they advertise getting 5 bands for $10 for it and charge you $10/each band and so that’s an extra $50. They also try telling you upon checkout that only their bases will charge their watch and try to get you to buy one, I didn’t fall for that one. My advice, DO NOT BUY THIS WATCH it’s an HUGE rip off!!!

      1. Boy 👦 did I get suckered on this watch ⌚️.
        Charging requires you press down hard in its charge dock
        Does not call 📱 from phone 📱
        Does not alert to messages, speaker 🔈 works SOMETIMES
        It is a scam

  4. I recently purchased. The sensor is fake. It just gives random HR and BP readings. It even gave my kitchen counter a reading over and over.

  5. I’ve had mine for about 5 days, it is total junk. Doesn’t pair with the phone app correctly, which is required to access the info, randomly resets the time to midnight and starts from there, When tracking a hike it shuts off after a little while, battery charge goes down to half really quickly.

  6. I was about to buy the watch then after starting the payment process i discover the charger is extra!
    I decided NOT to proceed with the order and closed the page, they obviously captured my card details, soon i get an email to say my order is being despatched, i responded to say that i did NOT wish to buy and that i had not completed the payment form.

    Today the watch arrived, no charger or contact details.


  7. Bought two one for myself and one for my son .
    Thought it would be good just for our step count
    and hart rate ….I know they are not top of the range
    but for a basic fitness function I did think they would be ok…Sadly NO not at all ,Does not even keep time properly……So glad I held my sons back until I tried it……..he like me would have been very disappointed…….☹️

  8. Got the watch yesterday in the mail. The packaging was nice for the watch itself however, you don’t get a charger since it is an additional purchase. I purchased the charger and it came with the package so at least it wasn’t sent separately. I charged the watch and paired it with my android phone. I installed the fitpro app and well audio. Now one of the watches’ items on the list is the radio. I don’t quite understand the radio as a feature. Couldn’t get it to work. The speaker in the watch is weak as proven by the alarm feature so really why have a radio or speaker for that matter. Then I scrolled to another item, the weather. I tapped it and nothing happened and of course the instructions doesn’t list it, don’ t figure. I guess I’m on my own to figure it out if it will even work. So, I tried to reset and unpair thinking this would do the trick.. Well this was dumb as the watch would not pair back to the phone. It kept saying the watch was disconnected. I finally found information on goggle to reset the network settings on my phone. This worked and brought the phone and watch back together. Again, it would have been nice to have this as part of the instructions. Oh, I forgot. The instructions themselves are written in micro print. Be prepared to find a magnifying glass to read it. So in closing I haven’t used the phone long enough to say it’s a piece of garbage yet but I couldn’t recommend it for a highly functioning smart phone. I figure if I’m spending 50 dollars for a watch I have to understand its not a samsung, apple or garmim watch. If you want the good stuff then spend the money.

  9. I was considering buying one then decided against it, as the charger is not included, weeks later the watch arrived, NO payment or return information and i had NOT proceeded to the checkout.

    They had captured my card details without my agreeing to buy!!

    I will return if i can find return information.

    Cheap Chinese Garbage i think.

    SCAM / Fraud

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