Cadbury Scam (Dec 2020) Never Trust Scammers! >> The write-up reveals crucial details of the new scam circulating on social platforms about Cadbury’s anniversary.  

Cadbury officials are regularly warning the sweet-toothed fans about a Cadbury Scam circulating on social channels claiming to offer “free” chocolate hampers. The post on social media claims Cadbury offers giveaways for free as a part of their celebration of 126th birthday. It is a fake post and may steal people’s crucial personal and financial details. The message has been circulating in Ireland, Australia, and the United Kingdom

Some online researchers have found the post for the first time on social media. It is posted by a group called “Cadbury Rewards,” and the post comprises many grammatical errors. It proves that it is unethical and not legit. 

Anna Burton, who claims to be the firm’s regional manager, posted this message stating, “We are celebrating the 126th birthday of Cadbury and offering special gifts and hamper for all special members.”   

In her comment, she shared that they are sending one Cadbury Hamper to all who will share the post and comment on it. It seems to be a Cadbury Hamper Scam, and people must avoid getting duped. 

About Cadbury Scam

The sweet giant, Cadbury warmed all their valued customers about the new phishing scam that targets to steal the financial details of people who click the links. Thousands of people are attracted to the post that claims to offer a free Cadbury hamper.  

The fraud experts are repeatedly warning the sweet-toothed fans to steer clear of what looks a gift may be a scam to dupe people. So, all members are warned to stay away from such online posts and Cadbury Scam.   

According to the post, users have to click on a link, and they get redirected to a new portal that uses fake Cadbury branding. Users have to share their details, including their email address, name, address, mobile number, and finally, the bank details. 

How to Stay Protected from Cadbury Scam?

With a few points in mind, one can avoid getting duped by the scam. Users are suggested to follow the below-mentioned tips to avoid getting duped with the Cadbury Scam

  • First, you have to understand that if something looks too easy and simple, it is not normal
  • Check the brand on an online platform for its legitimacy 
  • Check the grammar of the post and scam new posted for the users
  • If you are asked to click links to get free rewards, check the link’s legitimacy and address. Avoid clicking on the unsolicited links in messages
  • Avoid opening any files or attachments on email until verified
  • There are online fraud reporting tools that you may use to report about the Cadbury Australia scam

People’s Reactions

People are getting attracted to these messages and posts circulating online. After getting regular warnings from fraud experts, they are now alert and working with due diligence when reading these posts of fake scams. After regular warnings and updates by the fraud experts, the post has been removed from social media. 


Cadbury Scam is a scam to dupe people and steal their crucial financial details, and it must be avoided. If you have anything related to the scam, please share it in the comment section.

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