Buxgod.com (Dec 2020) Robux Generator! >> This article will get details of the Robux earning website and see whether the site is legit or not.  

Buxgod.com: In the year 2020, the most loved gaming platform is Roblox across the world. Further, in covid-19 lockdowns, many new users connected with it. We know that everyone loves Roblox due to its variety of games, and even beginners can create their game through this platform. It has some limitations like limited robux earning to upgrade gamin character and for in game purchases. Further, you can purchase Robux through the batches and achieve them by leveling up the game. But some websites work only in particular regions. Let us check is this works in the Philippines.

What is Buxgod.com?

It is an online Robux generation website. From this website, Roblox gamers can redeem the Robux in their Roblox User accounts. To earn the Robux from this website, you have to create an account on it and follow some steps to get Robux, like downloading apps and surveys. 


Before knowing earning procedures and redeeming processes, let get some details of bux god com.Here we found the following details of the website that are

  • URL: The URL address of the Robux generation website is https://buxgod.com/.
  • URL created: It was built on 2020-December-22.
  • URL Expire: The URL of this website will expire on 2021-December-22.

How will Roblox Users create an account on Buxgod.com?

The creation of an account is straightforward. It will never ask to enter personal details except for Roblox User ID. You can create an account on it with a Roblox username. Click on the above link, press on get started now, and fill in your Roblox user Id. Here your account for bux god is ready to earn free Robux.

How can Roblox players earn robux on it?

To earn robux from it, press on the earn option. Here you will see the Offer walls and Socials option. By following social accounts, you will get 0.50 Robux, and by Offer walls, you can earn as much robux you want on Buxgod.com.Further, you have to complete some surveys for earning through offer walls, complete tasks, and even have to download any app. After completing the selected task, you will get a fixed amount of the mention robux in your balance.

Another option of earning in it for the Philippines Roblox users is the referral system. Form invites you can get 10% profit of robux from successful referrals. With the referral system, you can earn unlimited robux.

Promo code earning for Buxgod.com

Another fast and limited method of earning is to redeem Roblox promo codes in it. You can redeem promo codes like YellemonRBuxGod to get 2 Robux. You can also try other codes to redeem. Remember that Promo codes are valid for a limited time and in few countries. Further, try to redeem them after completing the few offer walls tasks.

Final verdict

We get that Roblox does not recommend this Robux generations website. Further, it is a new website and asks to download apps from different servers. It may harm your system. So, we suggest using this website on own risk.For further details about Buxgod.com, contact us via the comment section.

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