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This article on Blockchain “Write For Us” explains the blockchain-based writer’s post that helps the writers regardless of their experience getting exposure.

Are you interested about your writings get published on a major website? If so, we have an exciting opportunity to showcase your writings to get exposure to a global audience circle. 

This opportunity can be utilized by writers of different skills and levels of expertise. In addition to that, the writers also get a chance to improve the quality of their writings by following the standard writing guidelines in the industry.

The writers who provide meaningful and informational content about Blockchain “Write For Us” gets a chance to be part of the global platform with highly expert and professional writers.

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About glyphosatetaskforce

The writers interested in creating writeups get exposure to the website as the writings that follow the guidelines get published. The writers also get an opportunity to know in-depth about the SEO based articles and work with experienced writers.

The glyphosatetaskforce team consists of writers who put their maximum effort into contributing to the users with high quality, informative content with consistency. The main motto of glyphosatetaskforce is to educate and empower the readers with the knowledge shared on the platform.

Apart from that, the high demand for blockchain-based content helps the writers to have exposure to various crypto projects and communities associated with the project. Read more about Blockchain Write For Us.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is developed by adding blocks, the basic unit of blockchain. The blocks get created like a chain that has various data. The modification of once stored data is not possible as each block is linked to a succeeding and preceding block.

Blockchain is decentralized, and it is the most important feature of this technology as a person or an organization cannot change it. The participants are allowed to verify the blocks.

As per the official statics for 2020, more than forty million wallets developed with the help of blockchain technology. Recently there has been a surge in cryptocurrencies and crypto projects developed with the help of blockchain technology.

What is glyphosatetaskforce looking for?

Writers interested in publishing their articles are warmly welcomed to the glyphosatetaskforce platform. The interested writers need not be those with higher expertise in the blockchain. Still, the Blockchain “Write For Us” writer needs to have basic knowledge about the blockchain technology to express the topic to the readers.

The writeups need not be complex with jargon associated with the crypto market and blockchain technology; rather, they must be focused on educating and informing the readers about the trending and wide-spreading blockchain and its technology.

The rise in the number of crypto tokens developed using blockchain technology has increased the number of readers willing to learn about the technology and the projects that get built using it.

The writer must be able to create writeups relevant to the current trend and helps the readers to have a complete insight on the topic without getting confused or bored.

A well-written article on the blockchain must cover all the important aspects, such as projects developed on DeFi, blockchain technology-based tokens, and NFTs and educate the users about the upcoming use cases of blockchain technology such as Web3, Metaverse etc.

Guidelines For Blockchain Writers

  • The contents submitted by the Write For Us + Blockchain writer must be 100% credible, and the inclusion of unreliable content is not encouraged as it tends to misguide the readers.
  • Ensure that the contents on the writeups are taken from trusted and reliable sources.
  • The write up must not include the promotion of rug pull tokens or projects developed using blockchain to ensure the readers don’t participate in high-risk trading or investing activities.
  • glyphosatetaskforce has zero-tolerance for spelling and grammatical errors present in the writeups. The glyphosatetaskforce team will reject such content with errors.
  • The article must not be plagiarized, and the writers must make sure that their writeups are completely free from plagiarism before the final submission.
  • Articles must not contain exact phrases, paragraphs and sentences from another article.
  • The writers must follow a well-structured writing format to provide the readers with an engaging reading experience. Writers can refer to previous articles published on glyphosatetaskforce platforms to get a complete idea of the topic.
  • Ensure to make the article attractive and engaging for the readers.
  • Go through the complete guidelines mentioned above, and if you are interested in submitting your Write For Us “Blockchain” writeups, please get back to us. 

Blockchain Topics:

  • Smart contracts and their advantages
  • Blockchain Governance
  • Blockchain & Privacy
  • Blockchain Ecosystem development
  • Blockchain & Regulation
  • Blockchain Technology; Advantages and disadvantages
  • Projects based on Blockchain Technology
  • Blockchain and Web3
  • Tooling for blockchain
  • Blockchain Fundraising – IEO, ICO, STO etc.
  • Crypto Valuation
  • Blockchain technology use cases
  • Impact of blockchain technology on GameFi projects.
  • How blockchain technology helps Finance, Cryptocurrency and Cybersecurity?
  • Cryptocurrencies and projects
  • Blockchain application
  • Dapps build using blockchain technology
  • Effect of blockchain technology in Fintech.
  • Big data blockchain contracts
  • Health industry and big data contracts.
  • Application of The Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain contracts
  • Effect of blockchain technology on Cybersecurity
  • Difference between block and stack
  • Cloud computing using blockchain technology

How to Apply For Blockchain “Write For Us”?

Please go through all the guidelines mentioned above as glyphosatetaskforce writers are instructed to follow guidelines strictly as it ensures the quality of the article. Once the writer submits their final writeups, an expert verifies the article and gets published.

For any further queries or enquiries related to the writer’s post, contact us back at [email protected], and our support team will be glad to help you out with your concerned queries and questions. 


Crypto and blockchain technology are in high demand, and the glyphosatetaskforce platform is a leading contributor to content that focuses on blockchain and projects associated with it. The website visitors look for topics on the blockchain.

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