Blaroken reviews (Jan 2021) Is It Genuine? >> By reading this article, you will find the legitimacy and authenticity of products that claim to deal in boy’s fashion. 

Blaroken Reviews: Boys always believe in strong and spiky appearances. That’s why they love to follow the fashion in which they look strong and confident. Further, some boys also love to follow their favorite action movie actors. But getting all tactile style fashion clothing and accessories is no easy nowadays in Canada and the United States as something is always left behind.But here we introduce a website, especially for boys from where they can get desired looks. Besides it, getting authentic products online is not cup of cake as many websites are not safe for shopping. Let find this website authenticity by its reviews.

What is Blaroken com?

It is an online store for boys and men. This store has the variety of products for boys. They can shop for tactical style clothing Outwear, Tops, Bottoms, shoes, and accessories. They will shop for tactical trousers, windproof jackets, Breathable sweaters, tactical boots, belts, and other accessories from the mentioned categories.Besides, first-time shoppers can get a discount of 10% during the signup process. Furthermore, it also does free shipping over the $89 plus the amount. Also, it gives a discount of 30%, 40% and 50% on the 2nd, third and fourth time shopping on it. Let get more details of it by Blaroken reviews.

Specifications of Blaroken com

  • URL: The web Link of this website is https://www/
  • URL Creation: This website was created on 22 December 2020.
  • URL Expiry: This website will expire on 22 December 2021.
  • URL Age: The domain age is 12 days old yet.
  • Company address: The address of this company is U-1402A 15/F, Belgian bank bldg NO. S721-725, Nathan Road Mongkok Kowloon. HK.
  • Email Service: It has an email server [email protected] for customer queries. Let get more information about products and services by Blaroken reviews.
  • Products: Men will get tactical style jackets, sweaters, Hood, Hats, Trousers, belts, leather jackets, and other products.
  • Product details: In item details, you will get information about available color options, available size, material details, style details, season, pattern, type, and other information.
  • Size chart: A size chart is available for every clothing product in the description.
  • Shipping: This website does free shipping on specific shopping amounts and takes 7 to 14 days for delivery in Canada.
  • Return: If you get a defective product, you will return it within 30 days from its delivery date and raise a request for exchange and refund.
  • Order tracking: You can track orders on the website by entering website details and tracking numbers.
  • Payment ways: You can pay by Paypal account, Visa Card, Maestro Card, Master Card, and American express.
  • Newsletter: For new and exclusive updates for new offers, you can subscribe newsletter by entering your email.
  • Social Media: It has its account on Pinterest.

Pros of Blaroken com

Here we find the following positive points of this store by Blaroken reviews.

  • It mentions return & refund policies for customers on dissatisfaction.
  • It use an email server to answer queries.
  • You can track your order details on it.
  • You get an extra discount on register yourself for a first-time order.

Opposing points of Blaroken com

  • Many other websites also use the address used by this website, and the address is the misleading address.
  • This website has no option for calling support yet.
  • Discounts on products and free shipping raise the question about products’ quality or doubts about its services.
  • It has no reviews on internet platforms.

Is Blaroken com legit?

We found that the website’s domain is newly created during the exploration of the website via Blaroken reviews. Further, it is not so much famous among youngsters. So, it is too early to judge the legitimacy of the store due to its age.

Customer feedback

We found that this store has not any reviews on the internet yet. But it has reviews for most products on its website. These reviews don’t have any information about quality and services, and maximum reviews are older than the website creation date. So, the available studies on its website are paid or fake.

Final verdict

After exploration by Blaroken reviews, we found negative reviews and misleading information about it. So, we suggest thinking twice before wasting money on it.For more queries, please use the comment section to pen down all.

One thought on “Blaroken reviews (Jan 2021) Is It Genuine?”
  1. I made the mistake of ordering from blaroken,com; they had an ad on Youtube. The ad looked legit and the clothing items looked like quality.

    I found out firstly that they don’t actually have many of the advertised items. They don’t tell you and you don’t find out until after the delivery arrives with items missing. The scammer uses the excuse that their supplier is behind because of shipper issues which is bull. They then offer to give you a credit on their website. If you push they’ll offer a refund for the undelivered items. It’s important to realize that they promise a 24hour or 72hour refund but actually may take a week or more; that’s if you actually receive your refund at all. If you didn’t use a payment option like Paypal or maybe VISA that has a resolution center, then you’re likely to never see your money again.

    Secondly, they’re shipping from China and it takes almost a month for your items to arrive. The problem with that is their 30-day return policy starts from the date you ordered, not the date you receive the items. That means a store credit if they credit you at all.

    Thirdly, the clothing items they send are made from the same fabric as cheap Halloween costumes are made from. In other words, it’s not really fabric like a standard t-shirt or pants are made from. If you hold the item up to a light or window during the day, you can see clearly through the fabric; the thread count is extremely low and the fabric snags and rips very easily. This is the case regardless of what item you ordered.

    Fourth, the sizing of the clothing is not even in the ballpark of correct. I ordered an extra large; what they sent was a medium size with an XL (extra large) label sewn into it. I also ordered a large but the size was the same as the supposed extra large but had the L (large) label sewn in. I wouldn’t be surprised if they only make one size and are sewing different size labels into everything so they can pretend it’s a different size and claim after the fact that it must have been a mistake.

    Fifth and final, realize that you will not get your entire refund back. Also know that they don’t issue return labels so if you are able to get them to give you a return address, which is hard to do, you are responsible for the shipping costs and if they claim to not have received the item, you won’t get a refund and because they’re in China, you don’t have any legal recourse.

    As this article notes, this organization is a scam. Take this advice from someone who made the mistake before you and do not order from them. Also note that the cost of their items is basically the same as clothing stores that sell similar items. You work hard for your money, don’t allow lowlife scammers to trick you into giving it to them.

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