Blanketfly Reviews (Dec 2020) Is It A Scam? >> The article as mentioned below is for a website that sells various kinds of snuggly blankets online.

Blanketfly Reviews: The winter has started to knock our doors. It is that time of the year when all you want is to snuggle in your blanket. It is the time when you want a comforter over yourself. Today, we will introduce you to a new blanket brand, based in the United States, named Blanketfly, which is made up of hypoallergenic wool. It is one brand that will help you stay warm with its lightweight and soft texture.

What is Blanketly?

Blanketly is one brand that is famous for providing the most comfortable blanket to the customers. The blankets are made up of hypoallergic wool. To mention in Blanketfly Reviews, we found that the website sells everything at an affordable price. There are also some great sales and discounts that one can find on the website time and again. 

Though, when we tried to know about the history of the brand, we found that the brand was established on the 15th of October 2020. The blankets are chunky knitted. The blankets are stylish and are made up of organic materials. The designs of the blankets are chosen to provide maximum style and comfort. It is a blanket that will also serve as an excellent gift for the friends for events such as house warming parties.

What factors mark the credibility of Blanketfly?

We tried to find the information about the website. However, when we were trying to gather the evidence for the website for Blanketfly Reviews, we found that the website doesn’t have the necessary details like the company address, customer care number, shipping cost, mail address, etc. 

However, the website says that the delivery is done within 6-10 days. The website also provides customer support. There is also the facility of getting a thirty-day money-back guarantee. Also, the products come with a thirty-day return and exchange. The website is too new to be trusted. Also, the website lacks a strong presence on social media.

What are the customer reviews for Blanketfly?

For Blanketfly Reviews, we tried to find authentic customer reviews for Blanketfly; however, we found that only the website has user reviews. Rest, you cannot find any reviews of the website on any place on the internet. The user reviews on the website are all positive. However, there can be no credibility established for those reviews.

Final Conclusion

Thus, based on the factors mentioned above, we think that it is not easy to ascertain the credibility of the website. There are no factors that would mark the website as authentic. Thus, despite the website having some great designs, we cannot recommend this website to our readers. 

Therefore, we will ask our readers to refrain from making any purchase from the website till you are sure of its authenticity of Blanketfly Reviews. 

If you have ever shopped from the website before, write to us in the comments section below.

17 thoughts on “Blanketfly Reviews (Dec 2020) Is It A Scam?”
  1. Definitely scam not at all what is represented when I try to return them all of a sudden the web address no longer exists…don’t buy….

  2. I ordered from them, still have not received my blanket. No address, no phone #, they have an email address but but emails get returned. It’s definitely a scam. I paid using PayPal. I am waiting for my claim to process.

  3. I recieved my “knit blanket” more like cotton candy material, that seemed to be disintegrating as i was trying to take it out of the tiniest of packages.

    Mind you this took way over the 5-7 buisness days as “advertised” put it this way after i purchased it i recieved an email then explaining that it will more than likely take up to 15 days AFTER the 5-7 days.

    Anyone interested in this product all i can say is BUYER BEWARE

  4. BlanketFly is a total SCAM. The blanket is tiny and made of crap. The website shows luscious, giant blankets. These blankets aren’t even close to the pictures they show in size. There is one gal putting together a gray one by hand in the video that’s what you’re going to get not what’s in the pictures. It’s a total scam I ordered one and then I decided to order three other ones for gas. Never received them going to have to chase this down.

  5. Just received my two KING blankets that would barely fit my lap. SO DISAPPOINTED. The website says “Ships from US” and that is why I ordered it. It ships from the US ONCE it arrives from China, which took from November 9 to December 17 to get to my house. Cheaply made materials with huge gaps in the blanket. DO NOT ORDER!

  6. Yes they sure are a scam! This company does not even make King Size blankets like it shows on the website. Every crappy made chunky low grade blanket is only 3′ x 4′
    You do not want to order from BlanketFly

  7. 100% SCAM! Wish I would have read the reviews before ordering! Placed my $250 order Nov. 20th, it is now Dec. 26th…. no blankets (though sounds like they were worthless and definitely not worth “sell” price of 49.99) and no return emails. The tracking information stated “no package found”. I’m in the middle of disputing charges since I can’t get a hold of the company. These were supposed to be Christmas gifts that I had to rush out last min to shop for something else and hundreds of extra dollars later…. DO NOT BUY from this company

  8. I also ordered two king size blankets, and when the packaged arrived 5 weeks later, it was disappointing to see that I had spent $89.99 on what looked like two shawls.
    The product is cheap and leaves a trail of lint everywhere. Definitely not worth the price, the wait, the hassle of trying to get a refund. I paid with AMEX and I’m counting on them to help me dispute the charges. No sooner was a dispute opened, the seller rebilled. I’m not letting this go, they are ‘false advertising’ and must be shut down!

  9. I ordered a blanket for my granddaughter for Christmas and only received it today. I totally agree with all the others this is a total scam. BUYER BEWARE!! Supposed to be 50×60 and is 2 ft square. Unbelievable!! Emailed several times and only response I got was that it was on the way even though I chose express mail.

  10. Horrible SCAM… I received a King Size blanket approximately 36”x36”.
    Very disappointed as I asked for it for Christmas.

  11. MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!! Lesson learned — check out ALL reviews before purchasing. Reading the previous reviews, I have to agree with every one of them. Misrepresentation at its best. Tiny. Crappy material. I tried “fluffing” in clothes drier (cool air) and the material “dust” filled my lint trap. Fell for the “buy a second one for a discount”. Ordered November 10 and it arrived on January 6. Tracked it and it took forever to see any progress. I have since requested to get information on how to return as they offer a “30-day money back guarantee”. Crickets!

  12. Yes this company is a JOKE! These blankets are made in Japan and sent to Billings MT and then shipped out again from there. It took me 32 days to get my so called KING size blanket! This company is a rip off because they do not even make KING SIZE! Everyone gets a SMALL 3′ X 4′ blanket for $54.00 total and it is barely big enough to cover up with. The TRACKING number they give you does not even show up on USPS until the blanket is scanned when it gets to the U.S. Now after 25 messages sent to [email protected] they got back to me and said: Well sir you got that blanket on sale because the regular price is $99.00 and sale priced items are not returnable, now is that some BULL S%$#^*^T or what, RIP OFF COMPANY. I see in a lot of reviews of customers saying they never even got a blanket. BEWARE!!!!

  13. I purchased a pillow and blanket on Dec 11, 2020, still don’t have the products. Tried to email them over and over and never a return email. What ever you do “Don’t Buy”

  14. I ordered this blanket too. A complete scam. It’s tiny and horrible. Yes it’s coming from China and took 2 months. I can’t return it as no return details. The website does not provide and details and they don’t reply to emails. Best place for the blanket is the bin.

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