Birkirabiryuva Org TR (Nov) Know The Existence! >> This article will assist you in getting a detailed report on the Izmir earthquake tragedy.

Do you know what the Birkirabiryuva Org TR is all about? We will answer this question in this article.

Recently, a powerful earthquake hit Turkey, across the Aegean coast along with the Greek island of Samos in north. This earthquake has destroyed many homes, and the count of people has died rose to 22 people. 

After this ground-shaking earthquake, the authorities of Izmir are setting up a tent area for the people who suffered from this earthquake to evacuate and provide them with the better shelter. 

The authority of Turkey said that over 70 people had been rescued after this powerful earthquake. Read this whole piece of article to get a detailed report on the tragedy, and you will also get to know how this tragedy destroys many people and assets of the city.

Stay with us in this article, and we will let you know all the detailed insight about this earthquake. 

What is Birkirabiryuva?

Birkirabiryuva Org TR: After this powerful earthquake, the authorities of Izmir metropolitan have announced a campaign for the people who suffered in this earthquake. The campaign is One Rent One Home. The authorities have also said that over 1 million 997 thousand liras were collected within five hours of this campaign. The search and rescue operation is still on, and the authorities are saying that this operation will be on till tomorrow evening. 

What does it signify?

The authorities are still struggling over the numbers of the loss of life or any assets of the people of Turkey

Birkirabiryuva Org TR: Till now, the damage assessment of eleven thousand 97 buildings are done, and almost 700 buildings are safe from the damage. Almost, 390 buildings are slightly hit, and around 60 buildings are moderately damaged. The count of severely damaged buildings rose to forty-two buildings. 

Recently, as per the reports, 124 buildings are inhabitable, around seven buildings are totally ruined, and a total of 14 buildings will be demolished soon.

Final verdict 

The authorities of Izmir Metropolitan have announced that a sum of almost 1 million 997 thousand liras was collected from the campaign Birkirabiryuva Org TR

Recently, the Izmir city is hit by a 6.9 magnitude earthquake and the authorities are still counting the loss of lives and the assets of the city. The authorities have said that this One Rent One Home campaign is launched for those who lost their residents in this powerful earthquake. 

The authorities are increasing the number of search and rescue personnel, and the numbers are increased to two thousand ninety-five. Also, the numbers of construction equipment are increased for the better. 

The authority has given a closing statement saying that we will undoubtedly face difficulties in providing the shelter and homes to our citizens. Still, we will surely provide everyone with the comfort of home. 

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