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Bigg Boss Ankita Lokhande Video: Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain, the once apparently blissful couple, are currently confronting a tempest of debate after a video from their stretch in Bigg Manager 17 became famous online. The couple, wedded for a considerable length of time, has been getting consideration for their warmed contentions on the show, however this time, it’s an alternate sort of ruckus.

Bigg Manager Ankita Lokhande Video

In a stunning new development, a video surfaced via virtual entertainment, showing Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain getting comfortable under a sweeping in the Bigg Manager 17 house. The video, shared by Bigg Boss_Tak on X (previously known as Twitter), uncovers the couple sleeping together, with activities that a few watchers deciphered as private.

Albeit Vicky and Ankita are hitched, it was upsetting to see the couple getting cozy on public TV,” expresses the video uploader.

The video immediately turned into an intriguing issue of conversation, with netizens communicating their disappointment over two or three’s activities. Web-based entertainment stages were overflowed with remarks scrutinizing the fittingness of such conduct on a generally watched unscripted TV drama. The backfire was serious to such an extent that it provoked responses from different quarters.

Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain Released Viral

The debate has surprised web-based entertainment, with fans and pundits the same saying something regarding the matter. Bigg Boss Ankita Lokhande Video Instagram account has seen a flood in remarks, with clients offering their viewpoints on the couple’s way of behaving in the Bigg Supervisor house. A few fans have shielded the pair, stressing the need to separate among the real world and the depiction of occasions on TV.

Regardless of the ruckus, it’s urgent to take note of that there is no strong confirmation affirming the charges against Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain. The video, while causing a stir, leaves space for understanding, and without substantial proof, the degree of the couple’s closeness stays speculative.

Bigg Manager 17 and Salman Khan’s Job

The contention has likewise ignited inquiries regarding the job of the show’s host, Salman Khan, in tending to such occurrences. Watchers are addressing whether the show’s configuration supports such way of behaving or on the other hand in the event that the makers ought to mediate to keep up with propriety inside the Bigg Manager house.

The contention encompassing Bigg Boss Ankita Lokhande Video and Vicky Jain’s personal video on Bigg Supervisor 17 keeps on unfurling. As fans, pundits, and the overall population anticipate further turns of events, the episode fills in as a sign of the obscured lines among the real world and diversion on unscripted tv.

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