Beauty Hoodie Reviews [Sep] Is This a Legit Website? -> Before buying a product from such a website, it is advisable to go through such an article which helps you understand whether one must shop from here or not.

It has always been exciting for all the fashion and shopping freaks to shop around online, especially with the discount options that the website has to offer. But are you sure whether you are buying from the legit or genuine website? If no, then this article is sure one of that must-read that offers you information about such websites.

There are no specific Beauty Hoodie Reviews on the website on any other source. But with intense research about the website, we came across specific pointers such as the trust score is quite average, and the website contains misleading or incorrect information that questions the reliability of the website. The website claims to be an apparel based clothing online web store offering top trend products at affordable prices.

It is an ordinary United States based website and sells a variety of apparel related products to its customers at different parts of the globe.

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Is the Beauty Hoodie website a legit brand?

On researching this website, there were various risks and issues identified about this website. These issues might lead to customers’ concerns about whether to buy from this website or not. The website comes with an average trust score and a moderate risk index.

The owner of this website has tried to hide the identity using some paid services. It is a very recent website and has been set up just a few days early i.e., 80 days ago. The address mentioned in the website is anonymous, and some PO box has been used here. There is an involvement of different countries in the entire set up of this website. The website has been claimed for one year, which is again short. Such information would question the genuineness of this website.

What is the Beauty Hoodie website?

Beauty Hoodie claims to be an international company that deals with B2C fashion related products. The main intention of this website is to focus on apparel and clothing items. It claims to offer a wide range of products ranging from sweatshirts, t-shirts, shirts, jeans, dresses, etc. The brand claims to cover a huge market and many regions across the globe. It has no Beauty Hoodie Reviews  within the web page.

The brand claims that its vision is to motivate upcoming designers and design elements with the utmost scrutiny to ensure that they match the current market trend. It promises to provide top-quality products along with maintaining the trend which is available in the market.

The following are the Specifications of the Beauty Hoodie website: 

  • Product Type: Beauty and apparel website
  • Website’s URL:
  • Email id: [email protected], [email protected]
  • Address: 134, The Centurion House, Near London Road, Staines-Upon-Thames, Staines Surrey, The United Kingdom, TW18 4AX
  • Refund policy: 15 days of refund policy
  • Shipping cost: Free shipping over $79
  • Mode of payment: Online mode of payment such as PayPal
  • Return Policy: Comes with a thirty days return policy

The following are the pros of buying from the Beauty Hoodie website:

  • It comes with an SSL encrypted link which makes the link secure
  • The website comes with easy to use interface that further adds to its functionality
  • The website comes with cart and search options, which additionally makes the usage easy and effortless

The following are the cons of buying from the Beauty Hoodie website:

  • The website does not have any social media reference
  • It is a very new website
  • The information mentioned on the website are quite anonymous and irrelevant such as the address, contact information, support email address, etc.

What are people saying about the Beauty Hoodie website?

We could not find any social media links or Beauty Hoodie Reviews within the web page. There were no specific reviews about the website anywhere outside the website or on any other source.

Final Verdict:

Multiple factors raise questions about the genuineness of this website. Starting with the age of the website it seems to be quite new. The contact details, email address, and the address and Beauty Hoodie Reviews appear to be anonymous and questionable. Talking about social media links, we couldn’t find any such links.

Also, the website doesn’t have much Beauty Hoodie Reviews or transparency about it. Although it comes with an SSL secured encryption, we cannot trust such a website on this only factor.  

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  1. I ordered from this company the end of Aug. It is now October 18th. They took my money instantly on PayPal
    I haven’t received the items nor have a heard one word from them. I will not order from them again.

  2. I ordered from this company Sept 28th its now October 22nd and when I made my order everything is in stock and from what they told me yesterday only 3 items were shipped and they refunded me 3 items I ordered 12 items altogether and 2 hoodies I purchased i had to wait 10 days for which its been way over that. This company is a mess definitely will never buy from again.. Also being shipped from China FYI so yeah its just a headache to even buy from them in general

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