Artis Macau Scam 2020.

Artis Macau Scam (Oct 2020) Reveal the Truth Behind the Same. >> In this article, you explored a money laundering & online gambling scam!

Are the celebrities involved in the online money scam? The query is being asked all over the social media platforms about the scam in Malaysia. It is always shocking when celebrities or well-known artists are involved in any fraud because people are influenced by their favorite artists’ lifestyles and good deeds.

This article will provide you with all the details you want to know about the Artis Macau Scam.

What is Artis Macau Scam?

Artis Macau Scam is money laundering and online gambling activities. Many celebrities and artists are said to be associated with this scam. The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Corruption’s (MACC) office was being called by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption’s (MACC) office to assist them in the investigation. After no artists step forward for testifying voluntarily, the commission headquarters had called them for questioning.

The well-known artists who are said to be involved in the scam are business entrepreneurs. Both have over one million followers.

Are the artists cooperating with the investigation?

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission is investigating the Artis Macau Scam. To take the investigation forward has been called those artists who are said to be involved in this scam. Time and opportunity were given to these artists to appear in the MACC’s office, which they did not.

Earlier, Harian Metro stated that despite giving the time and opportunity, the artists denied coming forward to assist in the investigation. They will be called by the MACC’s office again for assistance in the investigation of the scam. The artists involved are not cooperating for assistance.

Artis Macau Scam Reviews:

Many fans and users wonder if the news of online gambling and the involvement of well-known artists is real. People are highly disappointed regarding the money laundering scam in Malaysia. Fans want to know the artists’ names and if they are involved in it.

It was trending in social media platforms that Datuk Seri, an artist, had escaped from the investigation by climbing the MACC’s head quarters’ fence. It was later proved to be fake.

The artists who are involved in the Artis Macau Scam are not cooperating with the investigations.

Final Verdict:

Money laundering Scam has put forward the names of two well-known artists who are to be involved. Earlier the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) office has called them to appear for assistance in the investigation.  They were called on October 8, 2020, as Datuk Seri Azam Baki stated, the chief commissioner of MACC. The artists denied to appear and are not cooperating for testifying.

Siti Sarah and Shuib Sepahtu, the well-known couple, were also asked to testify at the Commission’s headquarters for the money laundering syndicate.

Not a single artist came forward voluntarily for investigation. Even after the time given, they did not appear. Hence, they will be called again to the inquiry shortly.  

It is heart-breaking for fans to know that well-known artists are involved in scams and gambling.

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