Among Us (Nov 2020) Get It Now! >> An addictive game that can be played by any aged people- What is it? – Check the article to know about it.

Have you ever played Among Us? Is it free to download from Among Us Please go through the entire article to know all about the most addictive game Among Us.

This game has proved its irresistibility as no one can resist themselves by playing this game. No matter what is your age, gender, you can enjoy this game wholly. This game has become so addictive in Brazil due to its outstanding design and latest technology.

Among Us:

A widely known online multiplayer game is Among Us, launched on 15th June 2018; the developer and publisher of this fascinating game is InnerSloth. This game has a space theme, and group members can play this game; this Among Us is not only repairing the ship, but the tricky gameplay is you have found imposters among the group. The game is challenging and complex.

Few Specifications:

  • Genre: This game can be considered under the party genre.
  • Developers Name: The developer is InnerSloth.
  • Publisher Name: The publisher is InnerSloth.
  • Launching Date: The game had been launched on 15th June 2018.
  • Playing Modes: Multiplayer game.
  • Platforms: The game can be run on iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Android across Brazil.
  • Designer name: The designer is Marcus Bromander.

What is Among Pink?

People can download Among Us pink free from Among Us; after downloading this game, gamers will get a situation that has been made by the girls. In this game, people can play as a group, and up to 10 people can play at a time. Gamers can choose to be a mission or maker or the phonies.

This game can be quite tricky, and gamers need to play with their intuition and team play along with that; they need to take innovative strategies as there is no chance to know who is who till the journey discloses.

How to know who the imposter is?

It is difficult and the most addictive part of the game to guess who the imposter is. To identity correctly, there are few systems on every map like a security camera, an indicator or a door log, etc. There are visual tasks by which members can authorize their individuality. 

If a dead body is reported, then any member calls a meeting. In this group meeting, members can discuss the imposters and depend on their votes; anyone can be expelled from the gameplay. However, there is a chatting option, and it can be availed by only living members while meeting. It has no voice chat system built-in.

Gamer’s reaction about this game:

The game is free and can be downloaded by anyone from Among Us From various sources, we have noticed that the game is top-rated among everyone in Brazil, especially among teenagers. The game is fun and enjoyable, though complicated in gameplay. According to them, a chat section is there, where you can be a little bit careful as you may get lots of imprecation if the censored chat is off.


This game has incredible graphics and gameplay; it is stable, which means there will be no hazards by playing this game for a long time. It needs a lot of strategies and good teamwork. From kids to adults, anybody enjoys it. The downloading process is straightforward, and people may download the APK from Among Us

Please share your opinion about this game. Is it addictive or not; write to us in the below comment section.

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