Among Us Rekor Oyun (Dec 2020) Know To Play! >> This article will let you know how you can play the among us game.

Do you want to know about the among us game and how it is making the whole world crazier?
We are having some good news for all of you reading this.

The among us game has become a household name all over the world and especially Turkey. People from all over the world is getting crazier as the day is passing by.

In this Among Us Rekor Oyun, we will be taking a look at some crazy facts about the among us game and how it is breaking all the records of other games of the same or familiar genre.

As you all know that this game was launched in 2018 but due to pandemic and lockdown phases all around the world the social media and youtube influencers made this game a massive hit across the world.Read this whole piece to get detailed insight on among us game and how it is played.

What is among us and how it is played?

This among us game is a multiplayer game famous all around the Turkey in which 10 players gets dropped into an alien ship or planet base after which they get the role of being either an imposter or a crewmate.

The players can be either a crewmate or an imposter. If you wish to play this game then, you can join this game with your selected friends or any random people online. The game is currently available on Android, iOS and windows, you can just download this Among Us Rekor Oyun free of cost through in-app purchases and it is also available on the steam store for only Rs 199.

It is basically a game of survival where you have to vote off all the impostors and complete the provided task if you want to win in this game. The impostor is all about to betray all your friends and enjoy being the secret killer. If you are having a lot of players in this game then, you can select multiple impostors in this game.

How to play this game?

Firstly, you have to go to the menu page where you can type your name after which you can choose the color of your character.
Apart from color and name, you can also set your killing distance by pixel and your run speed. This Among Us Rekor Oyun is played with arrow keys, space bar, and A, S,W, D,Q keys. You should survive while travelling between the floors of the six-storey spaceship. So, try surviving till the very end of this game to win against the impostor.

Final Verdict

This game divides you and your friends into two groups where you have to survive by completing the allocated tasks.This Among Us Rekor Oyun has also become popular because it needs a thoughtful planning and execution if you want to win the game. Where the one group is trying to find and kill the other group, the other group needs to stay alive and survive till the end to win against all the odds. 

The developer of this game has also announced to do some changes, and improvements in this game for more fun and thrill. The Innersloth is trying to do adjustments for the colorblind and also the new team systems.Do read this article before proceeding for the Among Us Rekor Oyun and also do not forget to comment in the box below.

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