Among Us Proximity Chat Mod Review2020

Among Us Proximity Chat Mod (Nov 2020) Have You Tried? >> This article explains everything about the highly demanded feature of this popular online game.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have an Among Us Proximity Chat Mod? Yes, in the famous game Among Us. If you are a bug fan of this game, then this article is everything that you need to read as we have something new to introduce with you. Let us move forward and uncover things what you should aware of. 

The article is about a novel aspect of Amon Us that every player should know. Well, today, we are here to talk about the idea of adding the proximity chat mode in this unique United States-based online game. Let us begin with the article and update you with all the essential information about the game. 

What is Among Us?

Among us is an online game developed and published by Inner Sloth, a United States gaming studio. The game was initially released on 15 June 2018 but reached its hype during the COVID-19 pandemic, throughout the time of which people were forced to stay at home and practice social distancing. 

Among Us Proximity Chat Mod: It is a space-themed social-deduction multiplayer game where the players get either of the two roles, a crewmate or an imposter. A social deduction game is a game where players try to reveal each other’s concealed identities. Among Us, crewmates have tasks to complete, and one of which is exposing the imposter, who has the job of killing the crewmates unseen.

What is Among Us Proximity Chat Mod?

Currently, the game does not provide any inbuilt voice chat system, making it difficult for gamers to communicate. However, gamers have started going for different options, like using a third-party application like Discord or using other acronyms for various things while typing in the games in-built chatbox. 

Among Us Proximity Chat Mod is in the news and is believed to be developed and launched soon. Proximity Chat Mode is a communicating mode where people only within 10 to 15 meters in the area will hear you. If someone is far away from you, you won’t be able to listen to that guy and vice-versa.

People worldwide are asking the developers to develop the game further and add new features. The game was last updated in October 2020 after its gain in worldwide popularity. 

What do other people think about it?

Among Us Proximity Chat Mod has received very contradicting reviews from its users. Some people are urging the company to add this feature to enhance the atmosphere and suspense in the game. It would give a more real feel to the game, making the crew believe that they’re working together as a team with genuine communication. 

However, some people object because they think it will lead to voice trolls and thus pose a problem for player safety. Users say that it will be weird if someone sees the imposter killing a crewmate, and that person goes on yelling throughout the ship, saying that he knows the imposter. This feature may oppositely change the gaming environment than expected. 

What do you think about the Among Us Proximity Chat Mod? Do you believe that it will be cold or will it pose a problem? Do let us know in the comments below.

Final verdict-

We do not know yet when the feature will be added. All we know is that the game is fantastic and involves implementing many skills. We recommend you to try the game and see for yourself if you haven’t yet. As far as the article is concerned, each and everything has its pros and cons.

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