Among Us Proximity Chat Mobile (Dec 2020) Give A Take! >> Do you want to learn about the newest feature added in the game, Among Us? Then, read the article below.  

Are you curious to learn about the new feature in Among Us? The Among Us Proximity Chat Mobile feature is capturing the attention of Among Us fans. The mobile game rose to worldwide fame. The fans of this game are keeping a close check on the new features that get introduced in the game. Read on further as we let you know about the feature that lets players do voice chat with each other. 

Know about Among Us 

The mobile game by Innersloth shot to fame in 2020. Today, it is among the most downloaded games of all time. The latest trending topic related to the game is Among Us Proximity Chat Mobile. Continue reading as we shed more light on it. 

How to use the proximity chat option in Among Us mobile? 

The proximity chat feature is an excellent addition that allows the players of the game to voice chat with each other. Friends playing together can talk to each other while playing the game to double up on the fun. 

As one can imagine, this feature only lets players in the same proximity chat. With the Among Us Proximity Chat Mobile addition, the players of the game can talk to their competitors who’re on the same server and vicinity. Users need to enter the code of the game and their username to connect and use this interactive feature. 

Things to know about it: 

  • Only the teammates in proximity can use this feature. 
  • Players need to fill in their in-game host id to connect.
  • The users are required to fill in the code of the game to activate this option. 
  • Currently, this feature is only available for mobile users. 
  • The Among Us Proximity Chat Mobile feature’s aim is to enhance the overall gaming experience for the players. 
  • With the proximity chat feature, players can talk to their teammates and up the fun quotient. 
  • People in the same area, and using the same server can only use this feature. 

What are Among Us players saying about it? 

The gaming community has welcomed this newest feature with open arms. Streamers and players are sharing their experience with this new feature. On social media sites and other forums, you can find many posts discussing about this feature.  Users are sharing the tutorial videos to help other players use this feature. A majority of the people appear to be excited by the rolling out of this feature for Among Us players on mobile. 


Among Us fans are always checking for updates about the game. One such update that caught everyone’s eye is the proximity chat feature. This is an amazing new feature that allows the players to interact with their teammates through voice chat. The Among Us Proximity Chat Mobile feature is only available for the individuals in the same region. Have you used this new mobile feature while playing Among Us? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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