Among Us Lock Screen Download (Nov) Scanty Reviews. >> In this article, you explored new live wallpapers for Android users, which are fun to create!

Do you want to create live wallpapers on your Android device? Many Android users Worldwide are thrilled to know about making live wallpapers on their Android phones. Among Us, the online game has become popular among youngsters for two years. 

Among Us is an effortless game without any high-configuration requirements of systems. It can be played online by four to ten players. It would help if you were careful of the imposter in the game who destroys everyone.

The well-known game has now introduced live wallpapers. This article will provide you with all the details you are keen to know about Among Us Lock Screen Download.

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What is Among Us Lock Screen?

Among Us lock screen is live wallpapers, which can be set on Android devices. The users can create and install the live wallpapers themselves. 

The game that has attracted many Worldwide for two years is now providing wallpapers for Android phones’ lock screen. There are many videos on social media platforms, which can be set as wallpapers by users. Android users can now easily do Among Us Lock Screen Download.

Steps to Install Live Wallpapers:

Live wallpapers can be set by Among Us users on their Android devices. You can install these wallpapers by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Install a video editor available on the internet to your Android phone. The few of the video editors are viva videos, kinemaster, and many more.
  • Start a new project by opening the video editor. Set a vertical screen ratio of 9:16, and .png format of the space background image.
  • Select any number of characters in your game. Besides, you can use pets for your live wallpaper for Among Us Lock Screen Download.
  • Adding animation and rotating them will make your character look floating in space.
  • You can show rotation by making a proper sequence in the video editor.
  • You can also add a few catchy quotes and edit text according to your need.

You are now all set to install your live wallpaper on your Android phone. It is the quickest way for Among Us Lock Screen Download.

Customers Reviews:

Among Us is a popular game among youngsters across the world. The game has many tricks for unlocking skins, hats, and pets for upgrading the Among Us users’ online characters.

Players are trying several ways to create live wallpapers. Many users have shared their views that they are having fun creating innovative lock screens. 

It is effortless to do Among Us Lock Screen Download. Besides, they have recommended their family and friends to enjoy creating live wallpapers.


A very well-known game, Among Us, has unveiled a new feature of live wallpapers. It is being enthralled for users to create and have fun.

Hence, we are also excited to introduce the new feature of Among Us Lock Screen Download.  

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