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Among Us Desktop Pet {Oct 2020} Be A Cool Pet Gamer!  >> The article, as mentioned above, talks about the desktop pets that one can acquire in Among Us.

Gamers are always keen to find new games that satisfy their curiosity and make them feel immersive and addict to a particular game. Today, we will give you some insights about a game based in the United States and will help you know more about it. So, read on for Among Us Desktop Pet.  

What is Among Us?

Among Us is a game that is popular in the United States. This game is a murder mystery party to happen in the space. In this game, the user will get their hands on a beautiful variety of styling options. It is played in a group of ten, there are one to three players who will be alien imposters, and the crew members have to identify these aliens in time. Otherwise, they will drink the blood of the team, killing everyone. The plot of the game is undoubtedly intriguing.

How can one change the clothes and acquire a pet Among us?

Among Us will offer you a great variety of costumes and also the option of changing your color and your pet in the game. Through Among Us Desktop Pet, you can even get a pet for yourself as you can get to change your costume, hairstyle, and color in the game.

Why are pets added to Among us?

Who would have imagined some cute pets in a murder mystery game? Well, this is the feature of the game. It gives the users add on and helps them to get their avatars to get the taste of reality a few notches higher. Among Us Desktop Pets was introduced with the motto to generate more revenue. These pets were added in the updating to the game in 2019. 

However, these pets don’t have any significant role in the game. These pets will follow the players, and in case their owner is killed by an imposter, these pets will stay there and cry at the same spot where their owner was killed. They will cry there for what seems like an eternity.

Also, the pets will show terrified emotion when their owner is seen being killed. It adds an emotional touch to the game.

How can you purchase pets Among us?

It is easy to purchase the pets in Among Us. For Among Us Desktop Pets, the pets will only cost you $2.99. The player can quickly get a pet after clicking on the dollar’s symbol on the main page. Or they can ask for customization in the lobby. There are various packages available to purchase the desktop pets.

Can I get a free pet in Among us?

No, there is no way to get a free Among Us Desktop Pet. The user will need to buy a pet of their choice from the game store if they are using a mobile. If the user is playing from a PC, they can get it from the Steam. The pet bundles will cost $2.99 on all the platforms.

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