Among Us 3d Dani Download (Dec 2020) A Recreation!! >> The post shares details about the newly developed 3D version of a popular game.  

Among Us needs no introduction as it has marked a significant presence in the gaming community soon after its release with millions of players from the United States. Dani is a YouTube streamer and content creator who has taken the game to its pinnacle with the 3D version of Among Us. 

Dani recreated the 3D version of the game using Unity. The Among Us 3D Dani Download is still not available for the gamers. It is a first-person 3D game with unique sound effects, maps, and gameplay. 

Dani used different open-source mashes, shaders, and codes to recreate the 3D version of the game. The 3D version of the game is based on the original theme but with only a Polus map and unique sound effects. 

Dani uses traditional methods to achieve the same gaming experience in the 3D version. He used tons of audio editing and water to create the unique killing sound effects. 

What is Among Us 3D by Dani?   

Among Us, 3D by Dani is the 3D version of the original Among Us game. The 3D version is developed by the popular YouTube sensation and game developer, Dani. It is a 3D first-person game with new maps and unique sound effects. The Among Us 3D Dani Download is not yet out now for the gamers in the United States.  

Dani uses different open-source mashes, codes, and shaders to create the game’s 3D series. Because of the lava pit, Dani chose the Polus map to recreate the Among Us 3D game’s map. 

Apart from the audio editing techniques, many other traditional methods give gamers the same experience as the original Among Us game. Like the original version, the 3D Among Us gameplay involves finding and killing the team’s imposters. 

The gameplay has different switches dotted across the map, which players can use to kill the hidden imposters.

The Making of 3D Among Us

  • The Map – The original Among Us game has three different worlds, but Dani used only one world in the 3D Among Us, Polus, because of the lava pit where players can throw their partners in. The Among Us 3D Dani Download is not available yet, but the map started trending.  
  • The Beans – Dani also recreated the beans in Unity, and it took a 3D modelling of the bean to reshape it and make it look like the original in-game player. The beans’ codes were sourced from KARLSON 3D and helped him create the beans’ animation. 
  • The Drill – The drill is the most important aspect of the 3D Among Us. The Drill in the 3D Among Us is different from the authentic Polus Drill. 

Is Among Us 3D Dani Download Available?

After evaluating and analyzing, we have noticed that Among Us 3D Dani Download is not available for the public because it has not received permission from Innersloth, the original developers of Among Us. 

Dani also confirms that the game‘s original developers did not contact him, and he assumes that the Among Us 3D won’t be released to the public any soon.


Among Us, 3D by Dani is the 3D version of the original Among Us game. But gamers will notice a few changes and updates in the maps and sound effects. The 3D version is still in the development stage, and it is not yet released to the public. 

The Among Us 3D Dani Download is not available now, and gamers need to wait until it is fully developed and released. Till then, you may share your experiences and ideas about 3D Among Us in the comment section below.

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