Air Microclimate Helmet Reviews [Oct] Is It Legit Or Not? >> Article is on a helmet that protects you in this pandemic while acting as a fashion accessory.

Are you bored of wearing that conventional N95 mask? Don’t worry Mircoclimate helmet has something unique to offer. During this pandemic situation, everyone is taking protection while going out, but we usually avoid when the masks wear down. This may lead to circumstances which we cannot imagine.

A lot of times, people do not buy proper masks which creates a gap between their nose and mask, which creates a loophole to enter bacteria and other viruses. In this pandemic, we need to be careful about the kind of mask we wear.

This very day we are going to talk about Air Microclimate Helmet Reviews, a product from the brand based in the United States founded by Hall laboratories. Michael hall is the managing director of hall labs and other 2-3 companies.

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What is Air Microclimate Helmet?

Firstly, if we talk about the design of the Air Microclimate Helmet, it has undoubtedly a unique and innovative design. It is a space shaped mask that looks futuristic. It can provide earth to mars’ level of protection. 

The design of the helmet looks inspired by some sci-fi movie. The helmet has some patent wherein the ventilation system pulls out the air through HEPA filters making the mask very breathable and fog-free.

Humans cannot interact without expressions. The primary concern while building this mask was to see people’s expressions while listening to them was a challenge. So they came out with an acrylic visor where expression can be seen even while wearing glasses.

The HEPA filters provided here are washable and reusable. It comes with a USB Type-C cable to charge the helmet which lasts up to 4+ hours in a single charge.

If you want to read our Air Microclimate Helmet Reviews then go ahead what are you waiting for?

Specifications of the product

  • Product type- space type helmet which protects from dust and viruses.
  • Price- $199
  • Colors available- black and white
  • Battery backup- 4+ hours
  • Charging type- USB Type-C
  • Length of wire- 6ft
  • Carrying case- Yes
  • Microfiber cloth for cleaning- Yes
  • Filter type- HEPA filter
  • Size- only one size available
  • Country- United States
  • Ideal for the workplace- Yes
  • Availability- mid-October

Pros of Air Microclimate Helmet

  • Futuristic design
  • Washable filters 
  • Innovative ventilation system to pull out the air from the mask 
  • The expression can be seen while wearing glasses
  • Fits comfortable with AirPods to receive calls and enjoy music
  • No chance of water and dust to enter the mouth and nose area

Cons of Air Microclimate Helmet

  • Only 4+ hour’s battery which is practically less.
  • No real-time Air Microclimate Helmet Reviews because the product is yet to launch

Is Air Microclimate Helmet legit?

The site is around two decades old. The company was found by hall labs which has a 70-year track record in the field of energy, material science manufacturing, etc. “The lab is also called modern-day Edison lab”.

We found the privacy policy, FAQs, contact us, etc. section in their index. The site has a valid SSL connection. It has its presence over platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. 

Since the product will be out in mid-October, so we did not find any Air Microclimate Helmet Reviews, but the product looks futuristic and promising.

All these points sum up the fact that the site is legit.

Customer review 

The background of the brand is around very old, and we do expect a high level of performance and satisfaction. The brand has already been into their respective fields, spending a tremendous amount on R&D, which gives them the advantage to produce products very efficiently.

The brand would be delivering their product to the masses in mid-October, so we did not find any Air Microclimate Helmet Reviews because no one has got their hands on the product.

The level of protection the product provides no one has been near to it. The design is undoubtedly cutting edge, which also adds glamour during this pandemic.

Final verdict

So if it comes about trusting the brand, we can trust the brand without any hesitation because the parent company is around very old.

The kind of features and pioneering design it is offering while giving you earth-mars level protection is very satisfying. The design may look very inspiring to the people who love sci-fi movies. So indeed it is worth a buy to the people who are looking for a unique design. 

Since the product has not rolled out, we did not find any Air Microclimate Helmet Reviews, but you may research for the product any try if you find it great and available in the market.

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