Adkmus Reviews [July] Is It a Possible Scam Or Not
Adkmus Reviews [July] Is It a Possible Scam Or Not? -> This article will help customers to know the genuineness of a site selling doorknob covers at cheap prices.

If you are looking for good quality doorknob covers online, in the United States at excellent prices you may have landed on the website, where you may have seen different types of cushioned doorknob covers. 

As a buyer, you know very well that your search hasn’t ended since you have found the item you were looking for at the ideal price. 

You need to know a lot more about Adkmus i order to feel assured that you’re going to put your money in the right place. At first look, it appears to have quite a large inventory of doorknob covers along with a lot of variation in their make and design

The price of the products range from $28 to $30 per unit, and that’s quite exorbitant. 

This article takes a close look at Adkmus Reviews to get you the answers to the big question – Is Adkmus Scam? Readers who are curious about this website, as well as the prices at which it is selling its doorknob covers, would find it useful. 

What is Adkmus?

The first question that would arise in the mind of a customer after landing on this website is, why does a simple doorknob cover cost $28-30 here when it costs less than $5 in most other websites? 

Why have the website owners priced these items so high that they seem unrealistic for any buyer? 

Sure enough, the website disclosed its office address, phone number and email address, but it would be interesting to hear their explanation for pricing the products more than 25 times higher than the current market price. 

Now, even if the price is set right at around $1-1.50 per doorknob cover, you’d have to figure out if their contact details are authentic, especially the office addresses and phone number. 


  • This website is selling products at prices that are more than 25 times the price.
  • Adkmus has the necessary SSL protocol integration, which is evident on its browser bar showing the padlock icon 
  • It displays its office address, phone number and email address along with terms and conditions, privacy, returns as well as shipping policies along with FAQs 
  • It displays the PayPal logo at the footer of every page, but this logo isn’t linked to either the checkout page or the PayPal website 

Is Adkmus Scam? 

Many customers are asking, Is Adkmus Scam and there are good reasons for that. A YouTube scam watcher has found that the office address shown on the website is fake. 

The other critical point to note here is that the website was launched hardly three months ago. 

Most scam websites do all the scamming within the first few months after they’re launched before it’s time for them to cut and run. 

If they getaway, which they do in most cases, it emboldens them to push their lucky spell longer by setting up another website for a new scam operation. 

AdKmus website pros 

  • The website has a proper Https connection, and the padlock icon on its browser proves it 
  • It has provided the office contact address along with a phone number for customers to contact 
  • There is a detailed FAQ page in the website along with pages detailing returns as well as shipping policies 
  • Adkmus Reviews show that the scam review websites haven’t blacklisted this website as yet.

Adkmus website cons 

  • The website is hardly three months old, which is the most powerful red flag for customers to stay away from it 
  • The products are priced at least 25 times higher than the price at which they are available in the market 
  • There are no customer comments for any of the product variants listed on the website 
  • Scam website watchers have found the office address provided on this website to be fake 

Customer reviews 

There are no Adkmus Reviews by customers for any of the doorknob covers listed by the website, and this could be because they may not have sold any of these products yet.

 It would need a very careless customer to buy something at a price that’s over 25 times higher than the market price. 


Adkmus Reviews say this website raises suspicions in the mind of a visitor immediately upon landing in the site for the ridiculous way it has priced its products. 

Curiously enough, unlike most scam sites, Adkmus has priced its products over 25 times higher than the price at which they are available in the market. 

In our opinion, customers should simply stay away from this website as there are just too many red flags on it. 

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