a New Ios 14 Update Keeps Popping up 2020

New Ios 14 Update Keeps Popping up (Oct) Know More! >> This article will help you in preventing the pop-up messages from coming on your i-phone screens.

Are you fed up with getting a New Ios 14 Update Keeps Popping up regularly on your i-phone screen? 

Let us tell you what the real issue behind this is.

As we all know, the apple i-phones are the smartphones mostly used in the United States, Canada

Today people from all over the world are going through such a phase where mobile is a crucial part of everyone’s life. People are very much aware of smart devices and smartphones, but nowadays, the i-phone users are getting boring pop-ups always on their phones, and the message on the pop-up is about a new update ios 14. 

Let us briefly get into this topic and tell you if this update is for real or the message is just a technical error from the side of apple and the technical team.

How to get the iOS 14 beta?

a New Ios 14 Update Keeps Popping up: We all know that the beta are the variant of the tests conducted before completing any software. 

Recently, most people from the United States have posted about the issue of constant pop-up messages coming on the i-phone screen; the message is all about the updated iOS 14 version and asks you to update.

According to various websites and social media platforms, the iOS 14 doesn’t even exist in reality, so why do the people get such pop-up messages. 

Let’s look into it closely in this article.

Is this a hint of the new update?

Till now, there is no such official statement about the new update, and the frequently irritating pop-up messages don’t have any link to this news. But still, if you are seeing a New Ios 14 Update Keeps Popping upthen understand that it is just a bug and will not irritate you in coming days.

Is your i-phone is constantly asking you to download a new iOS update, and you have fed up with these pop-up messages

We will help you in resolving this irritation. Please read our full article about this issue; we are sure you will get rid of those messages after reading this article.

Many people have posted their experiences about this constantly popping messages, and the Twitter and other social media platforms are now flooded with these complaints.

Final verdict 

Lastly, we want to tell you how you can stop these irritating pop-up messages coming to your i-phone or i-pad screens after a New Ios 14 Update Keeps Popping up

You need to go to your phone’s setting, and after getting into it, you have to tap the iTunes and App Store, and in that section, you would find an Automatic downloads section where you can turn off the updates. 

It will help you stop those irritating pop-ups and prevent any automatic updates from downloading.

If you got the solution of a New Ios 14 Update Keeps Popping up, you could recommend this article to your relatives and friends, and also, you can comment in the comments box below after reading this article.

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