Review Guidelines

The reviews which are shared by us on play an essential role in the decision making of our readers to decide whether to buy or not from this website. 

To ensure that the process is smooth and seamless, we have set specific editorial guidelines about the reviews.

  1. Clear and unbiased reviews 

We offer complete fair reviews without been partial or supportive of any brands or services. Our primary focus is to ensure that the reviews are exact, and we establish the level of trust with our customers.

  1. Independent of brands 

We are not inclined to any brands; neither our content is inclined to one. You can see this independency in the reviews we offer on our website. If any companies will to contacts us and want us to share reviews on their products or services. Then, the company needs to understand our process of unbiased and informed review thoroughly.

We are known as a reliable source. Hence, we stand on our words of offering a transparent view to the readers about the products.

  1. Clause for revenue generation from affiliate marketing

Although we generate revenue from affiliate marketing, you will not find our reviews based on the promotion of those brands. We perform our bit of research based on the facts and opinions of the experts.

  1. Correct, relevant and exact information

Our team of editors performs the research very diligently and also takes advices on the matter experts for their views. Each small bit of the reviewing process is taken special care of, as even the most minor thing can bring a considerable hurdle.

  1. Highly embracing the art of writing

As it is said, writing is not everyone’s cup of tea; similarly, writing reviews is not that simple as it seems to be. We highly value our editorial team’s efforts to fetch the optimum information for drafting the reviews.

  1. A constant eye on quality

Our editorial team ensures that the reviews are of the right quality and are not outdated. By outdated, it means that the reviews of the products are not in line with the recent updates of the products or the services of the particular website.

Following are the guidelines for the review:

What are the objectives of the reviews? 

  • To help individuals in finding reliable item or administration 
  • Ensure that the readers have some of the advantageous tips
  • To create one excellent size network 
  • To inform the readers about tricks and all sort of fake acts 

What are the elements reviewed on 

  • Services which are available online
  • Services related to the finance sector
  • Products or services related to home renovation, decoration or revamp
  • Wide range of the electronics items 
  • Numerous health-related products Products or services related to the enhancement of the garden
  • Different types of beauty products 
  • Services related to various online and IT-related softwares
  • Services associated with the real estate domain
  • Openings associated with earning income via the online mode

What are the traits that are an ideal review post? 

  • Providing more insight into an enhanced experience
  • Sharing the facts by genuine users or accounts
  • The ultimate objective of the review is that the other people benefit from this
  • Passionate about the shared subject 
  • Ample of details and information 
  • More specific and arranged post utilizing numerous passages 
  • Without spelling blunders and syntactic mistakes 

What are the elements that can lead to degraded/poor post reviews? 

  • Zero resilience for detest discourse, irreverence, and so on. 
  • No resistance for literary theft 
  • Some of the advertising reviews for business advantage 
  • Scripting few reviews for advancing your business
  • Trying for providing a facelift to the rating by recruiting outsiders 

How does our company deal with a negative experience? 

  • We acknowledge constructive reviews dependent on substantiates realities 
  • However, we value your willingness should initially be in correcting the things. We prescribe to going after for some solution to the problem with the respective organizations. Once the reviews are posted later this, your post holds many realities just as understanding of that organization bolsters the group as well. 
  • Remember, your bogus data may prompt confronting legal consequences (Check this connection for more data: 

Is it true that eliminates reviews? 

We stick to our aims of offering complete transparency and hence take the negative feedbacks sportingly. However, we see to it that your reviews have more validation, truth, and facts than just posting on a casual basis.

If any reviews do not follow our guidelines, then we hold complete rights to remove the reviews from our website.

Are each one of the submitted reviews examined? 

Yes, each one of the reviews put on our website are reviewed well. Also, the registered user can post once the email verification is done. 

Our editorial board takes enough time to have a look at the reviews and check whether the reviews comply with our guidelines. Therefore, the turnaround time to review the reviews is around seven days (business days).

Does edit the user reviews before submitting it? 

Minor edits such as grammatical checks, proofread, or incorrect spellings are looked at. We aim at creating user-friendly reviews and hence might eliminate some words that might lead to vulgarity.

Are there any reviews that would never come on the website? 

Reviews which are false, irrelevant, or do not comply with the guidelines of our company would never be published in our Glyphosatetaskforce.Org website. We do this because we consider it essential to stick to the genuinely to the facts and not just rely blindly on the posted reviews.

We do not mind posting negative reviews, but we see to it that they are in line with the guidelines and are based on real facts. Some of the reasons when the reviews won’t be posting on the website:

Reason 1: The users of are not permitted to post reviews related to the products or services they have not used personally

Our guidelines say that no customer is allowed to post reviews on the products or services they have never used. There are different signs which help us understand whether the person has used the products or not.

We do not post reviews that we find to be fraud or to demean any company. However, the exception is that we do post reviews of the customers who have ordered the products but never got it.

Reason 2: If the submitted reviews are inappropriate or not relevant

We examine the submitted reviews, and if we found any discrepancy, we directly eliminate it and do not post such reviews on our website. 

Our assessing process identifies such reviews and avoids them from posting on the website. Also, we do not post reviews that do not sound relevant or meaningful.

Reason 3: If the reviews are posted as a fake customer/user or posted by some other third party reviewers

We keep track of the reviews been submitted from the proxy servers and stop it from publishing on our website. We do not promote any kind of fake reviews; neither depends on the third party reviews as we do not know their style of reviewing.

Reason 4: We follow the zero-tolerance rule for any fake or false reviews

Our team strives hard to get genuine reviews published on our website, so we do not tolerate any fraudulent or inaccurate reviews on our website. 

We ensure to take complete care of the honesty of our customer’s review but, at the same time, do not encourage any fraudulent information that may mislead our readers.

Reason 5: Submitting reviews for the same product twice 

We do have a clause of editing the reviews which are already posting on the website. Glyphosatetaskforce.Org does not allow us to put a second review on the same products. One can update the reviews, but yes, one cannot post review twice on the similar product.

The final remark 

The bottom line is we are dedicated and focused on offering reviews that can add value to our reader’s life. We cannot assure complete accuracy, but yes, we do strive hard to make it as relevant and meaningful to you. We do all that can be done from my end to optimize the reviews in a better manner.

We would suggest all the people who wish to submit reviews on our website to walk through the entire page well before submitting one. Please do not hesitate to write to us on admin@glyphosatetaskforce{dot}org in case of any queries.