Review Guidelines

Since GLYPPHOSATETASKFORCE posts reviews of websites, products, services, companies, and technologies, it has a strict guideline for serving the readers. The below-mentioned review instructions help a consumer to make an informed and wise decision concerning their upcoming purchase. 

Categorical Review:

The reviews submitted by the writers are published on our website under a specific category. We tend to manage the posts in the categories to find what they need quickly. In all cases, we solely publish UGC that is unbiased and clear. We never support any brand or vendor regardless of its market creditability. Since we focus on genuine reviews, we expect some level of trust from the consumers.

Independent Brands:

Neither we nor the posted content is ever inclined to a brand. The readers may genuinely find independence in all our reviews. Many companies and vendors contact us to publish positive reviews on their services or products. However, they need to understand that we cater to the informed and unbiased reviews under all conditions. In this manner, we have scored our place under reliable online sources and would not change a thing to hamper it. 

Affiliate Marketing:

Being a review platform, we also include affiliate marketing in the UGC. However, the readers may not find the promotional advertisement related to the reviewed products or services. As mentioned earlier, we never support any particular brand whatsoever is the case. The reviews are posted after thorough research on market creditability, experts’ opinions, and product viability. 

Exact, relevant, and correct information:

As illustrated earlier, we always tend to give correct, essential, and precise information concerning websites, services, products, etc. Thorough research and expert opinion are mandatory before we publish the content on our website.

Art of Writing:

We expect honest, unbiased, essential, and precise information on products, services, websites, etc. However, we solely accept grammatical-error-free and easy-to-understand content that meets the UGC guidelines. We genuinely admire our team’s efforts to derive accurate information for making the reviews compelling and useful. 


A review with all essential information and zero quality is nothing but a mess. Therefore, our editorial team ensures that every content is investigated on quality and guidelines before posting it. The quality is also checked on the updated terms. It means content should comply with the product or service information depicted in today’s time. 

Review Guidelines:

Now that the readers and writers understand what we proffer and what we expect, it is time to reveal our guidelines. Before starting with them, let’s review what our objectives are:

  • We help consumers or readers to find suitable products, services, or websites for their needs.
  • We ensure that the consumers have an advantageous edge at all times.
  • We attempt to make a big network.
  • We aim to inform the consumers or readers about the tricks or activities performed by the scam artists.

What do we review?

If you are a writer or know somebody who has the edge over writing, please understand and share the below-listed information:

  • Online available services.
  • Services or products concerning the financial aspect.
  • Services or products related to revamping, decoration, or home renovation.
  • Electronic items.
  • Health-related items.
  • Beauty products.
  • IT and Online services.
  • Real estate services or domains.
  • Online opportunities concerning daily income.

Properties or Essence of an excellent review:

Now the writers know what services, products, technologies, or websites we review, they need to understand what makes a perfect review for our consumers. We have selected some aspects that should be present in all review posts. They are:

  • The content should provide an enhanced experience and clear insight.
  • Facts shared are of open accounts or users.
  • The review should benefit the consumers in more than one way.
  • The writer should showcase the passion for writing and reviewing.
  • Exact and informed details about services, products, or websites.
  • An arrange review post helps readers to understand and process the information.
  • Zero syntactic mistakes and spelling errors.

What do we reject?

We hold every right to reject or delete a review post from our website. We perform these activities when the content does not meet our guidelines. The other reasons are mentioned below:

  • Zero tolerance for irreverence, literary theft, and detest discourse.
  • Reviews that profit a business instead of benefiting the consumer.
  • Scripted reviews for business promotions.

How do we handle negative experiences?

A coin always has two sides. Similarly, a business also gets to see the bad and good side of the market. We get positive remarks from the readers or consumers. However, sometimes we also have to deal with negative experiences that we try to change or improve. The below-listed points will illustrate how we deal with negative experiences:

We acknowledge constructive or manipulated reviews that are reliant on substantiated realities.

We make needed changes in the review posts to bolster the company, our team, and our consumers.

We take legal actions on the bogus or manipulated content submitted by the writers.

Can we delete any post?

Yes, we hold the right to delete any post without sending a notice to the writer. We are working to inform the consumers about the request and bogus products, websites, services, or technologies. When content does not meet our UGC and quality guidelines, we hold the accountability for that post’s deletion. The actions that prompt us to delete a post are listed below:

  • We delete a post when the writer has not used the product or service yet submitted a review. 
  • If the reviews are irrelevant and inappropriate, we immediately delete them to protect the consumers and their money.
  • As mentioned earlier, we always inspect the reviews on multiple parameters. When we find an unidentified writer or third-party entity submits a post, we delete it right away!
  • We can delete a review when we find false or incorrect information.
  • We also pay the writers for their efforts. However, we cannot pay twice for the same products or service reviews. Therefore, we delete similar reviews from our website.

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We have illustrated what we expect and do for our readers and consumers. Therefore, there is no gap in making changes in our business operation and our readers’ safety.

GLYPPHOSATETASKFORCE is not accountable for refunds, returns, and other policies. We are here to give you unbiased and detailed reviews on websites, products, technologies, or services. Hence, please do not call or contact us for your product refunds, returns, exchanges, and other needs.

If you have more queries concerning our review guidelines or other aspects, please contact us at admin@glyphosatetaskforce{dot}org