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Topinto Shop Reviews [June 2020] Is it a Scam or Legit? -> In this article, you get to know about an online store to buy pools

We have come across some Topinto Shop Reviews online, and because this is a new website, we thought of sharing its details with our readers who like online shopping.

Many several online stores offer pools in different vivid colors and designs. And many are coming up with fancy price tags as per the demands in the market. Even many online stores offer you free shipping, installation, warranty, easy returns, and exchange. 

Currently, this website is popular in the United StatesIt has received many responses from there.

If you are interested in trying out a new website and want to buy a frame pool, this can be of interest. Further, we would like to provide more details in our Topinto Shop Reviews.

What is Topinto Shop?

Topinto Shop is an online store that offers many varieties of pools. Their product segmentation includes Easy set pools, Metal frame pools, Prism frame pools, and Ultra frame pools.

This online store provides pools from 6ft X 20in to 26 ft X 52in

The designs are eye-catching with many options to choose from. Even the prices for their products are quite much lower.

But how about secure is your money if you buy from this website? Is Topinto Shop legit or scam?

What makes us doubt this? Well, there are many reasons which can tell you whether this site is legit or scam.

Specifications of Topinto Shop

  • Website type- Pools
  • Shipping time- Not mentioned
  • Delivery time- Not mentioned
  • Exchange- Not mentioned
  • Return- Not
  • Shipping charge- Free
  • Cancellation of order- Not mentioned
  • Company contact number- Not mentioned
  • Company address- Not mentioned
  • Email address-
  • Mode of payment- Not mentioned

Is Topinto Shop legit?

So far, this site has not shared in a disclaimer about their origin and genuineness. Moreover, this site is so new that even the domain name is not available. So claimed authorized reseller of a well-known brand, this site does not look that attractive as one would expect to see. 

In this fast-paced lifestyle generation, people often shop online, looking for many varieties to compare online on different websites. This site will surely catch your eyes with the price they offer for a wide range of pools.

Pros of buying from Topinto Shop

  • Many varieties of various dimensions available.
  • Demonstration pictures provided on the website to help your imagination power to choose your best pick.
  • The prices are quite reasonable as compared to the standard market prices.
  • Free Shipping.

Cons of buying from Topinto Shop

  • The shipping and delivery time is not specified.
  • No precise specifications about modes of payment are available on the website, which can bother at the time of making payment. 
  • This website tracks user behavior and cookies.
  • This website does not have a much broader market presence to earn trust and customer loyalty so easily.
  • The website is similar to many other suspicious and scam sites.

What are customers saying about Topinto Shop?

We have done thorough research online to look for customer reviews as well as their sensitive statements but found no information about it. Customers have given many good feedbacks about products of the brand this online store is reselling, but nothing vitally informative is observed for the online store.

Final Verdict

This online shopping website is recently launched in the market. There are no reviews available from any customers regarding their services. The address line and phone numbers are not provided on the website. 

Prices of smaller or bigger pools are priced much lower and in erratic order than the standard rates for the standard pool dimensions available on many trusted online stores present in the market.

Moreover, email addresses of the online store and support are also irrelevant to the website name, making one feel more suspicious. Also, the mode of payment is not described well, whereas the privacy policy of the site states it will track your behavior as well as collect cookies that can be used in some form of malicious activities.

Focusing on all factors and reasons we researched and discussed, we conclude that the Topinto Shop is a scam site, and you are not recommended to purchase anything for now. You can tell us your experience with the post in the comment box. 

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