Toneage Scam Reviews 2020

Toneage Scam Reviews [May] Is It Safe For You? -> Read this before making any purchase from the online site.

Have you heard of Toneage? Then you may also have heard about the numerous scam allegations against it. 

Online shopping comes with its perks and has changed the way people make purchases today. But it has also given rise to numerous websites that scam customers. On most occasions, the sites offering discounts that ensure foolhardy decisions. 

Toneage Scam has been circulating online regarding this site that aims at selling products for everybody. It presents a myriad of products that are useful, fashionable, and trendy. They could make perfect gifts for friends and family. 

Toneage is based out of the United State, if you are wondering if this site is a scam like many others. Then, read this post to get a full analysis and find out its pros and cons. 

Is legit? 

It is a commonly asked question regarding the site as it is new in the market. When a new website is introduced, it usually lacks reviews and also helpful information for customers. The consumer of today tends to be more careful than before and searches for transparency before making online purchases. 

Providing necessary details such as contact information and an about us section ease the tension brewing in a customer’s head. Reviews will continue to tell you the specifics the site offers as you read further into this review.

What is is an online shopping site that offers products that are creative and fit for homes, children, and gifting. These products range from clothing to women, toys to keep kids and toddlers entertained, and select pieces that are perfect for your homes. 

The selection offered is never-ending; however, scrolling around the site will tell you that the layout is like multiple websites, although these product categories are such that will culminate into purchases. 

What is so Unique about in its home gifts section, offers some quirky products that will enhance the décor of your house. You can choose from the endless list of products provided on the site and the best for a customer as they always will have options. 

They also take up various modes of delivering their products to ensure they reach you on time. Their candles are something that something you would really like. All in all, the products are unique and experimental. 

Specifications of website 

  • Product- clothing, kid’s toys, home gifts
  • Website-
  • Email- 
  • Phone number- +12054947844
  • Delivery time- roughly 3-5 business days 
  • Shipping fee- extra $3.62 for next day deliveries 
  • Exchange- unsure 
  • Returns- 30 days from the date of dispatch
  • Refunds- 30 days from the day of receiving the return by the company
  • Modes of Payment- master card, visa card, American Express, PayPal, etc. 

Pros of making purchases from this website 

  • Offers a large variety to choose from 
  • The categories ensure there is something for everybody.
  • Your purchases come with free shipping. 
  • Numerous modes of online payment are available. 
  • Online order tracking provided
  • Has an SSL certificate, ensuring secure payments online
  • Products are creative and quirky.

Cons of making purchases from website 

  • Shares similarities with other online shopping sites 
  • Products offered share similarities too.
  • Has no social media presence
  • You can only pay for products online. 
  • No reviews available 
  • The site has a recent creation date address.

Customer reviews of website 

Since the website is new; it lacks customer reviews, which means that not many people have made purchases from it. The site also seems to share its layout as well as its products. It is a common phenomenon with numerous sites today. 

This could be because they were made from the same person/company and thinking of scamming people. 

Customers must vary on sites and do thorough background checks before making purchases. As numerous sites eagerly wait to scam people of their money by providing appealing layouts and options. 

Final Verdict- 

The site seems to gather both negative and positive reviews by maintaining transparency while also providing no customer reviews. A customer usually basis their opinion of a website by reading the reviews of the site. It is a sure-shot way of finding out the experience they too will face. 

It also always advised making your own opinions in such cases. However, it is hard to ignore that it shares similarities with other existing sites. Read the points mentioned above carefully before making purchases from the site. 

You must share your experience with us regarding this site in the comments section below. 

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