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Laxtrong Laser Reviews [June] Read Truth About This Site -> This article suggests that the website may trick its online shoppers.

Are you a Vagabond and looking for essential gears to carry for your adventurous trip? Laxtrong is the one-stop web store offering similar powerful electronic gears. 

Laxtrong is an electronic warehouse, offering a wide range of Laser Pointer products that are portable handheld gadgets. These are powered by batteries and laser emitting diodes, whcih are used to illuminate a small area.

The wide range of comprehensive products includes Firelak, Lightronik, Laxtrongpro, and Gift Cards. The site offers worldwide free shipping for a limited course of time, 24/7 email support to its customers and 30 days fast and easy return provision.

The company is based in the United States and Laxtrong Laser Reviews allow its customers to buy laser pointers and essential electronic gear that can be used for industrial and research purposes, leisure and entertainment purposes & as a weapon system. 

What is Laxtrong?

Laxtrong is a technology-based company that has grown as a supplier of powerful laser equipment. It deals in the highest quality of laser pointer products at competitive prices that serves many purposes. 

It strives to provide prompt shipment tracking status and proficient 24/7 email support to its customers. With a team of experienced technicians and skilled labour, they are able to manufacture, stock, and ship the products across the globe.

Is Laxtrong a Legit Website?

There are numerous fraudulent websites hosted on the Internet. The evolution of the internet has paved new ways for scammers to rip off the unsuspecting. We’re here to review this webstore in order to validate its genuineness. And, spotting fake websites can help us protect ourselves from the same. 

Laxtrong is registered in the year 2020, involved in the manufacturing of Laser Pointers. The website reflects descriptive features of all its products as a compelling call to action for its customers.

We would suggest readers go through our article before consorting with the website. 

Specifications of Laxtrong:

  • Product: Powerful Laser pointers, Electronic Gears

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Parent Company: Laxtrong 
  • Contact number: Not Mentioned
  • Delivery time: 2-5 Business days 
  • Shipping fee: Free (WorldWide)
  • Exchange: Accept (In case of Damaged or Faulty Items Received)
  • Returns: Not Clear
  • Refunds: Ambiguous information
  • Mode of payment: Online Mode of Payment

Pros of buying from Laxtrong:

  • The faulty product can be replaced at no additional cost
  • Free Shipping Worldwide (For Limited Course Of Time)
  • Efficient Order Tracking at
  • 24/7 Email Support
  • Positive Testimonials Found On Website
  • Accept Online Payments Through Payment Gateways

Cons of buying from Laxtrong:

  • Absence of the “About Us” Page
  • No Helpline for Immediate Customer Support
  • Unclear Cancellation, Refund, and Return policies
  • Website Registered in 2020
  • No Social Media Presence
  • Lack Of Clarity on Order cancellation and refund
  • Company’s information: Not Found

Customer’s Review Of Laxtrong:

Lissa Odreman wrote about her great experience. She not only lit matches but cigarettes using Firelak. Her friends were amazed to see the device and showed an interest in getting the same.

On the other hand, Carolina Ross shared that earlier she didn’t like camping, hunting, etc. But as soon as she bought Firelak, she started liking the idea of going on adventurous trips like fishing.

The website reflected only positive customer reviews and testimonials on each product page of the website. Therefore, it is quite evident that the products have created a remarkable impression. Customers have written highly of all the products offered sharing its images as well. 

Furthermore, the absence of negative reviews on the website & online reviews present on third party websites gives an idea of suspicion about the genuineness of the website. With zero social media presence & poor web design, it can lead to ambiguity in its customers’ minds. 

Final Verdict:

Since the website is recently registered with zero social media presence, it couldn’t help build brand loyalty amongst its audience. It has also failed to provide its customers with easy access to its customer service team.

The cancellation and return policy don’t sound fair as the website’s money-back guarantee policy is not in accordance with the statement written under Return Policy. Also, the retailer has not provided adequate information, such as the company’s address and phone number.

With the absence of an “About Us” page and lack of content on the remaining web pages, we would not recommend our audience to buy any product from this site as it fails to validate itself as a legitimate website.

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  1. Where is my package go to track it it been like a month n still nothing and its in french i press english nothing happens go to email oh some type of bullshit virus yeah ok so i got scam out of money where is my laser i order

  2. Same experience as Terry. Supposedly shipped 2 weeks ago and has not arrived. Package tracking link is not functional

  3. I had the same issue.i order from them got a tracking number that was not real. I beleive this is a scam.

    Stay away from this company……seriously!!!!

    They also sell other items advertised on Facebook using DIFFERENT company names but it is ultimately the same company.

    First, they advertise as if they are an American company. They really are not they are a Chinese company with a small USA presence in which to distribute their products.

    *They are not a USA company and when trying to get which their customer service dept it has to be done via email and you don’t receive any responses until after midnight (time zone differences). All of the emails exhibit very poor grammar making it difficult to communicate with them.

    Second, they state that customers in the USA will have their items shipped from their USA facility via USPS Priority 2-5 day service.

    *This is ABSOLUTELY not the case. They ship their items from China via a company called Yanwen which takes several weeks then it goes to USPS.

    Third, they will attempt to mislead you about the status of your item(s) outright.

    *When you press harder for the status, they will simply respond via email stating “check the shipping website using the tracking numbers”. A very generic response to say the least. This is where I noticed that USPS states they are still awaiting receipt of the item from their shipping partner. Meaning USPS still has not even received the item that was supposed to be delivered in 2-5 days.

    1. The company has refused to assist in locating the items.
    2. The company has refused to send replacement items.
    3. The company has refused to provide a refund on the purchase.

    I now have to go thru the credit card company to dispute the purchase.

    AGAIN….stay away from LAXTRONG or any of their ‘associated’ companies.

  5. Almost 3 weeks since ordering and the website says in process. Emailed for explanation and was provided a link to a chinese airfireght tracking company that offers no english or explanation. Didn’t realize I was the “one” born every minute. SMH

  6. I ordered a laser from them and it came with no battery. There was no where in the added that stated that you had to buy a battery separately. Now all I’ve got is a piece of junk that want work. Extremely disappointed with this company.

  7. Same guys, there are many people marketing products at pretty serious markups on social media sites that if we take the time to search the product or company name are cheap compared to US manufacturers. The marketing is savvy and they get you to buy with timers and or purchase counters running on the purchase page.

    I bought mine with a three day quoted delivery time. 6 weeks later heres the laser with no batteries and or charger as advertised.

    Heres the guys’ response. “Dear Customer, by procedures established in customs, our products are arriving at their destination without battery, sorry for the inconvenience.
    for the product that we sell the necessary battery is # 18650.

    Note: they are customs regulations, the truth excuse the inconvenience. (Battery)

    Laxtrong support team.

    They make a grip of cash before enough of us post before others get ripped off!

    Buyer beware

    1. Same experience. No battery and safety glasses as advertised included. Biggest Chinese scam artists ever! Report them and have them investigated!

  8. After 26 days, my laser finally arrived in a very weird manila envelope – from an International address. I opened it up and there was a the laser and (5) lenses, but no battery, no charger, no glasses, and no packing box. WTF? Cannot find an 18650 battery that is 2400 mAh and 4.2V anywhere online. I guess I will just dispute the AMEX charge seeing this was clearly ‘defective goods’. It will be interesting to see if the company ever gets back to me.
    1x FIRELAK™
    5x Interchangeable Laser Lenses
    1x 18650 High Drain Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
    1x Special Protective Glasses (FIREGLASS™)
    1x Packing Box

  9. Wow, same here I received the laser with 5 lenses, no batteries, no battery charger, no instructions or anything to explain what kind of batteries it takes. Just a piece of junk, I’m totally disappointed in this company. Smh

  10. I’m writing to lodge a complaint against a company that sells items (lasers) through your portal. The company is called Lextrong, and they were offering a 3000mw, 445nm FIRELAK laser for a total price $41.95. Using their sales portal I ordered and charged one unit to my bank card. This was on June 1st. Later in the day I received an email from the company acknowledging receipt of the payment, and an assurance that the order was “in process of fullfilment”. A tracking number (link) was provided which lead to a French search engine that did not recognize the tracking number.

    On Wednesday, June 17th I emailed a request for an update on the status. A reply stated that they had to “comply with the purchasing and logistics procedures”, regretting the delay, and closed with an assurance my order was “in transit”.

    Ten days later (June 27) I again sent a request for information, and requested a refund if nothing had arrived by the end of business day (5:00 P.M.). A day later I was again assured my order was a “in transit”.

    The correspondence I’ve conducted with Laxtrong has been through their representative “Mark”.

  11. I have had the same experience as everyone else. I purchased the Firelak laser. It stated that it came with: 1x FIRELAK™
    5x Interchangeable Laser Lenses
    1x 18650 High Drain Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
    1x Special Protective Glasses (FIREGLASS™)
    1x Packing Box
    I received the laser and 5 lenses but no battery or glasses. When I emailed the company, this is all I got back:

    Dear Customer, by procedures established in customs, our products are arriving at their destination without battery, sorry for the inconvenience.
    for the product that we sell the necessary battery is # 18650.
    Note: they are customs regulations, the truth excuse the inconvenience. (Battery)

    Laxtrong support team.

    El mié., 8 jul. 2020 a las 14:58, Laxtrong (Shopify) () escribió:

    This company is obviously a scam company doing obvious false advertising. Also, the laser I did receive is not a very powerful laser. It does NOT burn anything or even start matches on fire. It is simply a laser pointer.

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