Is Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Legit 2020

Is Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Legit {July} – Is It A Scam or Legit? This article gives a review on a website selling Air conditioners and was launched recently.

What do you do in a Scorching heated summer? You might be using an air conditioner or planning to buy one, Right? Today we will be reviewing a new webstore that sells such cooling items. We will first find, Is Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Legit or not. That is important as a lot of online scams are doing the rounds nowadays.

The website is very new and has only one product displayed on the site. It has a highly discounted price for the air conditioning item that looks too good to be true. It also shows a system that supports anonymous transactions, and that can be risky for the buyer. The website belongs to the United States and was recently launched. 

Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Review

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Before browsing a website without falling into a scam, it is crucial to research thoroughly for authenticity and then proceed. Here in this post, we will carefully analyze the pros and cons and present to you all the required details.

Is Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Legit?

The website had launched just 35 days ago. There were no reviews available for the webstore on WebOfTrust (WOT), and it has a very low Alexa ranking. We researched more for the Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Reviews and found none. That is a big drawback as the product has no feedback available anywhere on the web.

The social media presence on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest is also doubtful. That is because the icons shown on the website are just for sharing the tornado freeze product page. There is no presence of the site on these platforms as such. These kinds of misleading links create more suspicion and make them unreliable.

To answer the query, Is Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Legit or not, we analyzed the product and website more. So, keep reading further.

What is is a webstore that sells Tornado Freeze air conditioners online. It sells only Tornado freezes and provides a lot of discounts if you buy the freezes in bulk. There is no shipping information available on the website, but International shipping is available. The returns are accepted within 30 days, but no exchanges are possible.

Payment methods include PayPal and other Credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, etc. There is no contact address available for contacting the company. The only information available is that they are based in Orange county, California, United States. An email address and phone number are also given on the website.

Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Reviews

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Specifications of

  • Website type – Online seller of Freeze Air conditioner
  • Country – United States
  • Shipping – Free
  • Returns – Accepted within 30 days
  • Exchanges – Not available
  • Contact Address – Not available
  • Contact Person – Not available
  • Email Id –
  • Phone – 949 627 2387
  • Payment modes – PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex etc.
  • Social media – Nil presence

Pros of Buying from

  • The shipping is free.
  • International shipping is available.

Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner

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Cons of buying from

  • No other variety of products is available.
  • Exchanging of an item is not accepted.
  • There is no contact address available.
  • Social media presence is nil.

What are Customers Saying about

The customers usually provide useful feedback about a website or a product. But you can rely upon them only if the reviews are available elsewhere too, apart from the website in question. Thus, we looked for Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Reviews on the web but found none. They were only available on the website homepage, and that sounds tricky.

A reliable website has feedback available on other reviewing sites as well, but that was missing in this case. There were no reviews available even on WebOfTrust and Trust Pilot. A newly set-up website can be given the benefit of the doubt, but the presence of fake icons and links on the site makes it more untrustworthy.

Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner where to buy

The Final Verdict

After careful analysis and looking at the pros and cons, we conclude that the website is too new to be relied upon and cannot be trusted. It has some hidden information, and the absence of such details makes it more suspicious. There is no presence of the website, even on social media platforms, which is a significant negative aspect.

The unavailability of reviews and feedback shows how unreliable the website is and is highly unpopular. Hence, we suggest the customers looking for air conditioners to beware and avoid this newly launched website, at least for the time being.

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