is Sou Sou Savings Legit 2020

is Sou Sou Savings Legit [June] Save for the tough times -> This article helps to understand the benefits of using this online platform, Sou Sou Savings.

Do you want to save money for the rainy days? The Sou Sou Savings platform is one of the best ways to save your money for bad times.

In case you are not able to save your hard earned money for a rainy day, creating a sou-sou account will help you to sail in the ocean full of challenges and difficulties.

People can join this club and pay an equal share of money into this club. People are allowed to fund once in a week, twice in a day, or once in a month based upon their requirements.

The is Sou Sou Savings Legit and customer feedback available about the Sou Sou Savings assist us in knowing that people residing in the United States are a member of this club.

According to, this club can be joined by a group of people.

What are Sou Sou Savings?

The total contributed amount referred is to as hand is then provided to a group member of the club. The member who will receive the find is decided in advance by all the club members.  The pool keeps on rotating till the time all the members get their paid share. 

The treasure which is elected by the group will make weekly payout roster. The members can also request to get their share at any point in time in between the cycle. The funds, which everyone will be sharing, is decided in advance.

Key Points to note about the Sou Sou Savings:

  • It is a useful platform that helps in making savings.
  • A group of members can join this club.
  • If 8 members contribute $50 per week, then every week, a member will get a $400 hand or total cash. 
  • The same cycle stats again after the completion of ten weeks. 
  • Even the members can increase their contribution, in case they can contribute it.

Why this platform matters to the U.S.A.?

  • This site helps in building social circles along with saving your money.
  • This club creates numerous opportunities to cross-sell products and services in the market.
  • The members can add funds in their Sou Sou account based on their pocket.
  • The amount can be used whenever required in between the cycle.
  • The members can use the deposit funds for different reasons.
  • You can buy a new home, establish a business, make investments, or can anything else by using your funds.
  • This club helps in making your goals closer.
  • The members can drop an email at to discuss their queries.
  • An intelligent lender matching platform is useful in connecting small businesses to the right capital and resources in real-time.

When this platform was launched:

  • This platform was introduced a few years back.
  • Many members are using this platform.
  • Cash can be used in meeting individuals’ goals.
  • The members can fix the amount they want to save.
  • The platform allows the members to connect with their existing bank account with their Sou Sou wallet.
  • The members can invite other people as well whom they trust this platform. 
  • It helps in collaborating with others.

Public views on Sou Sou Savings:

Sou Sou is an innovative social banking account designed for customers who want to save money for bad times. This platform is used maximum by women who want to save every penny of money. They add the amount in a sou-sou account and use the funds when they need it the most.

However, sou-sous savings are not managed by any regulations, and thus, it becomes risky, especially if some unreliable member joins it. 

So in case you are planning to join, be sure that you are becoming a member of that club with whom you know. Mostly, the members of sou-sou club belong to one family and know each other well.


Sou Sou is an innovative platform helping people to save their money. People can set aside the funds every month that helps in supporting your savings goals.

Since there are no legal papers or any credit checks included while creating a sou-sou club, so all the tentative members are suggested to add only trusted members. You need to save your money by untrusted sources. So stay proactive while picking the members.

In case you are hunting for social banking solutions, then you can register at Sou Sou platform, but make sure that your known ones are your members.

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