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Is Legit [July] Is it an Another Scam? -> This article is about the authenticity of a website dealing with shoes and other fashion accessories.

People like to buy several shoes when they shopping. You probably do not miss the running shoes if you are a true shoe-lover and want to buy all-time of shoes for your collection. 

Apart from that, running shoes are like one of our essential commodities in life. This is why the, one of the thousands of web stores dealing with shoes and other accessories, has become popular. 

No matter how interesting it sounds, it would help if you did not buy anything online without judging its authenticity. Therefore, asking for Is Legit or not is one of the most vital questions before placing an order. 

As per the technological experts, it is complicated to detect a scam website by its outer looking. This is who most of the people in the United States fall into the ditch of dodgy buyers.

Even the Reviews on the open forums may go wrong if you do not know the right way to detect.

Is Legit?

Since you have no prior knowledge to deal with an illicit website, you must get help from the experts. As per the experts, it takes a lot of technical aspects and insiders to detect it.

As per the experts, there is an excellent probability that this website is a scam or a new one. Therefore, it is impossible to define.

Here, in this article, we are going to tell you some more detail about the website that will clear out all hidden facts. Keep reading.

What is is a professional, reliable online store that provides a variety of hot pair of shoes, especially running shoes. This is one of the global websites providing international delivery. They are the seller and manufacturers.

Specifications of

  • Product detail: Portable air conditioner
  • Web address:
  • Email address:
  • Official address: Not found on the website
  • Phone no.: Not found on the website
  • Shipping time: 5 to 7 business days for domestic shipping. NO information has been found on international shipping detail.
  • Shipping fee: Zero shipping cost for domestic delivery
  • Delivery time: Right after the shipping process is taken place
  • Refund/ Return: No clear information about the return policy
  • Mode of Payment: All credit cards (Visa and MasterCard)

What are the prime benefits of

  • The site has presented all new and unique products on running shoes.
  • Other shoes for every occasion are available on this website.
  • There are clear size charts for every product. Therefore, you may not face any size issue while placing an order.
  • You will get some other products other than shoes, such as T-shirts, fashion Jewelry, coats, jackets, skirts, dresses, etc.
  • You are offered an extended segment for clothing and new arrivals on this website.
  • The sellers accept all kinds of credit cards along with Visa and MasterCard.

What are the disadvantages of

  • The collection of shoes is very low.
  • There is no pair of shoes, such as running shoes or fitness shoes.
  • No shoes are there for men.
  • The domain name of the website does not match with the product availability.
  • The section of the website is not clear.
  • The shipping and delivery policy is very complicated.
  • No proper information about the return, refund, and cancellation is there on the website.
  • No dedicated review section is there on the website.
  • The seller does not become available on social media.
  • No cash on delivery is available.

What do people tell about

Minimal customer reviews are there about the website on the internet. However, as per the Reviews, most of the previous buyers face problems due to lack of information on shipping and delivery. 

A lot of people do not trust them because of unclear information. Also, zero activity of the website on social media networking sites is not a good sign. 

Most of the authentic sellers want to contact their customers directly through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. as per the expert; people wish to have them on social sites.

The final verdict:

Read this part mindfully to know Is Legit. According to our reliable analytics and SEO tool, the website is padlocked with HTTPS protection. However, the domain dame is doubtful. 

It does not match the products. The section of the website does not mention the name of the website. No backlinking related to the site is not found. Also, the analytics say that the website is not younger than six months. 

Also, the site has a meager traffic rate. A lot of images and text contents of the site are supposed to be copied and irrelevant.

Finally, we distinguish the website as a scam and do not recommend our readers for this website.

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